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Christmas Lunch

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BagCrazy Mon 24-Oct-11 14:13:32

please ignore my untitled message.

Hi, i have lived in an asian muslim country most of my life, and so quite deprived on terms of christmas lunch and dinners. Dont really know what do people wear on christmas lunch when it's semi formal especially. My dd's school (posh private) is having parents christmas lunch , can you plz help me choose something ? Im a big fan of all the stylish s&b's mums. Budget not very high really, height 5,5 and size 14 up n 16 down. Thanks a lot ! I bought a decent grey Michael Kors satchel bag, so may be something to go with it.

Eyelasher Mon 24-Oct-11 14:14:11

trousers and a top?
i dont htink the bag will be important unless planning to snaffle food

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