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What would you wear to an indie gig?

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UmYeahLikeTotally Mon 24-Oct-11 11:54:18

I'm going to a gig this weekend and am struggling with deciding what to wear!

I have been to other concerts before, but they have been more poppy/mainstream artists. This will definitely have a more rocky/indie vibe, and I don't know what is "acceptable" to wear!

Before, I have been slightly dressy (i.e. nice top, heels etc) but I'm pretty sure this would stand out at this kind of gig. I'm thinking of wearing slim trousers (cropped/ankle length), sheer blouse and maybe converse? Or brogues? Arrgh, I don't know! Maybe this would also be too dressy? What kind of bag do I need?!

My brother goes to this kind of thing often and is a scruffy sod. But I'm not sure if 1. that's just him and 2. if this would be OK for me as a woman (inner feminist punching myself right now!)

Can anyone help please??????!!!

RosiethePriveter Mon 24-Oct-11 12:02:39

I suspect if it is true 'indie' you can wear whatever you like and are comfortable in. It will be dark and beer will be spilt.

I find a small cross body bag, jeans, comfortable top that you wont sweat in and trainers / flat boots good for most gigs.

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