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blue stained nails. Help.

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ripstheirthroatoutliveupstairs Mon 24-Oct-11 08:17:14

Not being naturally stylish or beautiful, I've never been here. I rashly painted my nails with number 7 navy blue varnish. I have done it twice. It is very pigment dense and stains your nails. When I am colour free, it looks as if my hands are dead or very cyanosed.
How can I remove the staining? I already know to use a base coat in future, but would like to be nail varnish free for a couple of days.
Thanks in advance.

whojimmyflip Mon 24-Oct-11 08:52:52

There Are special tablets for this. In the nail section. To dissolve in water and soak nails. Or try bicarb of soda dissolved in warm water and soak. (just my idea)

Navy nail varnish is hideous for staining but v fashionable at the mo

LukeWarmMomma Mon 24-Oct-11 08:54:24

Just guessing here - how about cutting a lemon in half and putting your finger tips in the lemon for a while, might bleach them? I've also seen in Superdrug that Scholl (I think) do a pen like thing for taking the yellow stains out of nails - sorry I can't remember much more as I only glanced at it, you could have a look for it . Good luck smile

LukeWarmMomma Mon 24-Oct-11 08:58:40

Just checked it's called "school Healthy Nails - Nail Brightening System" £10.20 on Scholl website. Sorry can't do links and DD who can do them is still asleep !!

ripstheirthroatoutliveupstairs Mon 24-Oct-11 09:10:06

shock £10.20 bloody hell, no wonder I don't wear cosmetics very often.
I'll have a go with lemon juice, if that fails, I'll go down the domestos route and, failing that will shell out the tenner.

LukeWarmMomma Mon 24-Oct-11 09:16:11

Thought of another !!! how about soaking nails in some warm water with a bit of Bio washing powder /liquid in ? then give your hands a good wash after and slap on some hand cream just to counteract the dying effect ? It's these £5 off No 7 vouchers they always end up costing us more in the long run smile!!

BedatHogwarts Mon 24-Oct-11 09:20:28

I think you can use whitening toothpaste. Not sure how, presumably you just squeeze it onto your nails and leave it for a bit.

Icelollycraving Mon 24-Oct-11 13:40:30

Ok,get cif cream cleanser & clean the bathroom. Once you are done,shiny bathroom & non corpse nails grin

ripstheirthroatoutliveupstairs Mon 24-Oct-11 15:50:06

I am considering cleaning the bathroom, unfortunately I saw the advice when I got home from shopping. I only have Mr Muscle squirty cleaner. Nothing granular.
The only toothpaste we have in the house is Paradontax and Signal. No whitening stuff either. Hey ho, it's the corpse bride look for me.

Gillybobs Mon 24-Oct-11 15:59:22

Same thing happened to me with a bright orangey red varnish, I went to see a proper nail technician and she told me Id have to wait til it grew out. She buffed them a bit which did fade it down a little but still v obvious. Id buy a cheap polish in a neutral colour and use it til they grow out

whojimmyflip Mon 24-Oct-11 17:15:23

What about bicarb of soda?! I clean my bath with that

Meglet Mon 24-Oct-11 17:21:33

I have a bugger of a time trying to get blue varnish off, even though I use a base coat. I took some off my toes over a week ago but there's still a few specks on them hmm.

brighthair Mon 24-Oct-11 17:22:02

Denture tablets grin soak in warm water

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