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Help dress a 'short' brick shaped body.

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bacon Sun 23-Oct-11 11:42:22

I'm 40 5'3" and would consider I am a brick shape ie no real figure. Flatish chest, no waist (bit of jelly belly) no big hips, nice bum, short legs, nice slim calfs but prob chunky thighs. Tops of arms chunky too (lack of workout). Small round delicate pale face, dark blonde bob hair. Fresh face look around early 30's.

I need to order more clothes but through the sheer expense I need to ensure that I get it right.

I have read that brick shapes should wear round neck but that looks wrong on me and v-neck is better. I like Boden, Dickens & Jones, sandwich etc.

Can anyone help with with what suits best or links to outfits that look fab.
I have some savings so willing to go a bit mad on a few outfits. Ta

MaggieMcS Sun 23-Oct-11 13:59:11

Hiya. If you are more straight up and down then you need dresses that provide some shape - Empire lines are great for adding this, with a shaped waist and a looser fit around the legs will avoid any clinging to thighs. I love a longer sleeve or a capped one and there are loads of lovely ones about as it is the right season for it! If you want day time, I would go for something like this

This has a drawstring waist so you can adjust depending on how much dinner tummy you have!

For a night out I am obsessed with this 40s style tea dress which is in jersey so it hangs beautifully and the colour is amazing. Again the panel at the waist is a great disguiser of belly sins!

Happy Shopping!

LesserOfTwoWeevils Sun 23-Oct-11 14:27:51

Agree about dresses to give you a bit of shape. Depending on how big your tum is, you could also try fit and flare dresses which would also show off your legs.
Otherwise, tunics over skinny jeans and leggings are the way to go—will hide tum and arms. They should be slim rather than full though as you're petite.

scotgirl Sun 23-Oct-11 15:34:24

Search on good dresses for "apples" you sound similar. I am one. Often skirts and tummy covering tops are better than dresses.

I find dresses with detail at the bust better - plain busts make me look more flat chested.

maybe something like this phase8 dress

or another phase8 dress

I have this in grey which I wear with a thin mint velvet cardi and big boots looks good and very flattering!

scotgirl Sun 23-Oct-11 15:35:16

And leggings I should add. It is quite short - worn with opaques and felt a bit exposed!

benandhollyandgaston Sun 23-Oct-11 18:40:42

I'm a similar shape to you and bought this Wallis dress at the weekend which I really love.

It gives great shape when it's on and you can dress it up or down and add a light cardigan if you don't like your arms. It really skims the tummy but gives good shape. Looks better than it does on the hanger - I thought it would be a bit tunicy but it gives a really lovely, curvy shape.

bacon Sun 23-Oct-11 19:42:37

Thanks all - keep them coming - I do like the dresses with sleves as this is more slimming I think. Plus more practical with the season. I dont go out much in the evening so really I need glam day wear.

ANyone got any boden recommendations with this boxy figure?

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