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Monadami Sun 23-Oct-11 02:57:45


For the past two days I've been trying to log onto the La Redoute site, but it seems to be down for maintenance. Even when I did a search, there was a BT error page saying site couldn't be found. Has anyone else experienced any problems?

SkinnyGirlBethany Sun 23-Oct-11 07:46:30

I havent and I'm waiting on my order but I'm going on through my email link and my iphone app.

I was really impressed at the selection and the value!

SkinnyGirlBethany Sun 23-Oct-11 07:52:52

try this link

Monadami Tue 25-Oct-11 00:10:41

Thanks. It's just not working anymore. I just get a temporary error page even through your link. I might have to contact their technical department, it's very strange.

RantyMcRantpants Tue 25-Oct-11 00:20:02

I am having no problems with skinnys link.

Looks like I need to get my cheque book out though grin

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