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Urgent inspiration needed! New or indispensable beauty gift ideas for my dsis...

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Greenknowe Sat 22-Oct-11 11:40:12

It's her birthday, she's 25, and I want to buy her either a fun new beauty product or an indispensable one! I'm looking to spend around £30, and need to buy it in London today.

Bit of background: she has a English rose complexion, has a smart day job and enjoys getting glammed up for nights out clubbing [feeling old emoticon].

Any ideas?!

animula Sat 22-Oct-11 12:01:06

Go to a SpaceNK & ask the assistants? Which bit of London are you going to? SpaceNK's are dotted about all over, so you could plan your route and then google to find one.

One of the best things I ever bought was a solid eye-liner you apply with a brush in navy blue from Laura Mercier. It's perfect for day to day wear and "invisible" make-up. But I am old!!

SpaceNK are very good at having some new "fun" things in - following micro-trends, along with solid "classics" and basics.

Greenknowe Sat 22-Oct-11 12:39:01

Oooh Space NK looks promising, and there's one not too far away from me; thanks animula. Anything that saves me having to trawl Oxford Street!

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