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gone all spotty after threading

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RobynLou Sat 22-Oct-11 10:15:36

had my brows and top lip done for the 1st time 2 days ago, now I've got lots of little mini whiteheads where they pulled out hairs - not a great look. is it something that often happens the first time?

Littlepumpkinpie Sat 22-Oct-11 10:59:02

That should not happen at all with threading. Once I got one on my eyebrow and remember it hurt like hell when she did that area. Mine came up within a few hour of having the threading. Its never happened again touches wood

Fluffycloudland77 Sat 22-Oct-11 13:25:02

I get it after waxing.

RobynLou Sat 22-Oct-11 18:37:25

hmmm. I was really pleased with the initial result, now I'm v disappointed. they put some aloe gel on after, wondering if it aggravated my skin, but I don't normally have sensitive skin.

alwaysrunninginheels Sat 22-Oct-11 18:56:03

This happened to me after i had my upper lip threaded for the first time recently. Took a few days to settle down but has made me a bit reluctant to have it done again although i think the hair free upper lip looks miles better than before!!!

Hetaera Sun 23-Oct-11 16:12:15

I got talked into having my lip threaded and came out in awful spots (so that went well). I always find tea tree oil products to be really effective post-waxing or post bikini-line shaving. Tea tree seems to prevent ingrown hairs rather well. They say not to use the oil neat as it can dry/burn but heck, I splash that stuff on regardless! A tea tree oil face wash or a few drops of tea tree on a cotton wool pad soaked with face toner might work well on the inflamed areas.

Creamcake1 Sun 23-Oct-11 21:58:34

Use vitamin E oil, good skin soother and helps repair damaged skin.

Icelollycraving Mon 24-Oct-11 13:45:39

Don't put makeup on if you can help it. Also,try to avoid using heavy creams. It will go soon. I have this with waxing but threading is fine. Trial & error.

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