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Throw some reasonably priced handbag sites at me

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BuildersTea Fri 21-Oct-11 20:19:53

I'm on the lookout for a new bag but not having much luck. I've tried looking on the websites for the various department stores, Ollie & Nic, Pia, Nica, Red Direct, Next M&S, T K Maxx, Top Shop, Fossil but nothing is grabbing me or suitable.

Does anyone have any suggestions for other places I can look? When I say reasonably priced, I mean up to no more than around the £100 mark.

Many thanks.

warmandwooly Fri 21-Oct-11 21:08:19

You could try Oushka.

headintheclouds Sun 23-Oct-11 23:21:56

I like Paris- vanilla or vanilla Paris website.they have some gorgeous bags. can't remember the website but if you google I'm sure you'll find it.

i had one of their Emily bags a couple of years ago and LOVE it

Tortington Sun 23-Oct-11 23:24:13


BuildersTea Mon 24-Oct-11 07:44:26

I forgot I'd posted this thread, sorry. Many thanks for the suggestions, I'll check them out later smile

pinkhousesarebest Mon 24-Oct-11 08:26:21

Oh that Vanilla one is lovely. I have never heard of it before. Thanks.

Jessicaalbastwin Mon 24-Oct-11 08:45:20

You could wait for peanut she should be linking us a new bag website on wednsday. smile

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