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bare minerals fans

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ellliebelle Fri 21-Oct-11 16:07:18

I love my bare minerals but im really finding it too time consuming for everyday use and also not great for traveling. does anyone else find this? Have you found a great alternative?

531800000008 Fri 21-Oct-11 16:10:01


too time consuming to look PERFECT ?

HelloShitty Fri 21-Oct-11 16:17:42

I'm up and out for work in 20 minutes. Bare Minerals uses up 2-3 of those minutes and I don't begrudge a second as I look so fab! IMO BM is the "great alternative".

gettingolderbytheday Fri 21-Oct-11 17:07:08

For everyday the No 7 version is a little quicker to use as the box is a bit bigger so you an swirl around faster and get more on the brush. It doesn't seem to take as long to brush on either.

Bohica Fri 21-Oct-11 17:24:49

I bought the starter kit and the bright and beautiful collection today. Do I need to watch the DVD?

I'm hoping it will be quicker than my normal 20 minute routine.

HelloShitty How in gods name do you do up and out including make up in 20 minutes? Do you have children to sort out as well <pesky kids eating into my getting ready routine>

HelloShitty Fri 21-Oct-11 20:08:58

Bohica - I go out before everyone else gets up and eat breakfast when I get to work. I'm also one of those skanky people who has a bath before bed instead of a shower in the morning.

Bohica Fri 21-Oct-11 20:46:24

I bath before bed as well <joint skank> smile

Quick question about the get started box.

I'm missing a brush and everything was in a poppy plastic bag in the box not set out in a plastic presentation thingy like the bright & Beautiful collection.

I've been given a dud haven't I?

lechatnoir Fri 21-Oct-11 23:08:34

I'm up & out and also shower in 20 minutes and find BM far quicker than getting a nice even liquid foundation finish.

Eta also up & out before rest of the family rise & only need about 30 seconds to either ponytail or clip my hair

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