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HELP I have had juvederm and now have big lumps next to my nostrils! Is this normal?!

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bumpyface Fri 21-Oct-11 14:58:26

Oh dear christ. PLEASE help if you can.

Had juvederm in my lunch break. First time, have always had restalyne before. Really liked the doctor. Explained that where my nose and cheeks meet, the beginning of that nose-mouth line, bothers me as it's very deep and makes me look haggard.

He did the injections, so far so good.

That was at about midday and I just touched my face and there are two big lumps under the skin next to my nostrils. It's like there's a locket (those throat sweets), under there! The right hands side is worse, the lump is ABOVE where the line is (and where I'd imagine the filler should be). If I move my face the light hits it and you can see it!!

I can't call the clinic as I am supposed to be in a meeting, potentially until after the clinic has closed for the weekend - has anyone had juvederm? Is this normal? Normal-ish? Will it go down?


ujjayi Fri 21-Oct-11 15:00:36

No idea but my only advice would be to stop touching it - which will worsen any inflammation - and be late for your client meeting whilst you make the call.

bumpyface Fri 21-Oct-11 15:04:19

the clients are right here, I am in with them now subtly tapping away!

I've been trying to sort of very subtly(!!) push the lump down my face but I will stop that now.

It's not red or anything, doesn't hurt, is just a lump under the skin.

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