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Demi/ Bold Curve Levi Jeans

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NickNacks Thu 20-Oct-11 19:29:37

I have very large hips and bottom and a noticably smaller waist and always have a problem with jeans gaping and showing my bum.

Does anyone have these jeans and would they recommend them? I have seen them for £85 and this is a lot for me (and most people i imagine) so I would like your opinions on whether they are a worthwhile buy.


dexter73 Thu 20-Oct-11 19:31:48

Love them! Mine were £85 but they fit me - no gaping waist and I don't need a belt with them. I would definitely try them if I were you. I tried on loads of pairs in the shop as they come up differently size wise in different styles and even colours.

potbellyqueen Thu 20-Oct-11 19:32:22

I have the bold curve skinnies and love them, they're the only jeans I've had that fit my fat legs and don't gape on my waist. I wish I could afford more of them!

NickNacks Thu 20-Oct-11 19:36:18

Thank you both- I'll order some. Would you say they come up big/small long/short?

dexter73 Thu 20-Oct-11 19:40:01

It really depends. I think you should go to the shop to try them on as the length and size came up differently between styles and even between different colours in the same style.

dexter73 Thu 20-Oct-11 19:40:49

I was measured as a bold curve but ended up with demi curve as they fitted better.

NickNacks Thu 20-Oct-11 19:50:16

Ok will do, thanks for your help.

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