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Curling Wand Things

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cloudpuff Thu 20-Oct-11 12:27:34

I'm not that big on grooming and faffing around with my hair and make up etc. I straighten my hair and use minimum make up for a night out, other than that my hair just drip drys.

I had to make an effort to look nice recently and had my hair curled at the hair dressers, nice dress and all that. Anyway I loved the curls and got lots of lovely comments.

I have tried and tried to use my ghd's and I have watched dozens of videos but can't seem to get the knack. DP bought me a multi styler thing and its got a curling wand attatchment which produces nice curls but my problem is I can get one half of my head looking sort of ok but struggle with the other half as it feels funny and I keep burning myself. Does anyone have any tips?

BattyDevineIntervention Thu 20-Oct-11 12:58:58

Practice practice practice. Videos, and practice.

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