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Thick fabric, black dress needed...

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TethHearseEnd Wed 19-Oct-11 20:22:33

I want sleeves to the wrist, not too low a neck, and just below knee length.

It needs to be stretchy to accommodate expanding waistline over the next few months, but doesn't have to be maternity.

The closest I can find so far is this.

Any others out there?

moondog Wed 19-Oct-11 20:26:29

Oh, I didn't know you were up the duff!
How lovely!

There are some nice maternity tunics on Boden.
I've got this one which is great over skinny jeans with boots (I found some great brown ones from M&S Autograph) and in heavy stretch material but you are after longer, yes?

TethHearseEnd Wed 19-Oct-11 20:34:36

Thanks Moondog smile early days still, but things are starting to get tight already, despite me eating better than I have done in years angry

Yes, tunics are not really my thing. I think the only way I can cope with expanding waistline is to have a nice, simple, black dress of the above specifications. And new boots grin

Did you get yours BTW?

moondog Wed 19-Oct-11 20:38:50

Yes, they are great but bizarrely no longer appear on M&S website.
How odd..

LesserOfTwoWeevils Wed 19-Oct-11 21:10:28

What about this?

crazybutterflylady Wed 19-Oct-11 21:14:44

Loads in Cos eg here

TethHearseEnd Wed 19-Oct-11 21:27:24

Cos one is 3/4 sleeves...

TK maxx one is a bit flippy on the skirt- sorry, should've said, I want a straight skirt...

Thanks for looking though.

TethHearseEnd Wed 19-Oct-11 21:28:27

Moondog, I can't believe I will never see your boots shock

HotBurrito1 Wed 19-Oct-11 22:03:29

above the knee but nice

TethHearseEnd Wed 19-Oct-11 22:10:52

Thanks HotBurrito-

Don't like the pockets on the first one- also don't think it would be long enough...

Not keen on the second one at all, sorry. Too flippy and short.


LesserOfTwoWeevils Wed 19-Oct-11 22:30:02

Too flippy, I suppose?
How about this? <desperate>
<Tries to guess what will be wrong with this>

HotBurrito1 Wed 19-Oct-11 22:42:19

Harrumph! I can take too short, but flippy? Looks straight to me! What was wrong with the great plains one?

moondog Wed 19-Oct-11 22:42:25

Right. I have found the buggers!

TethHearseEnd Thu 20-Oct-11 18:27:16

Oooh, I like those Moondog!

Am relieved the quest is over, although a little sad that I didn't win grin

Lesser, thanks for trying- first two are indeed too flippy, and the last one, although better, is too wrap-style for what I'm after.

HotBurrito, the great plains one is alright, but I just wanted thicker/more structured fabric IYSWIM. I may have to just shut up and buy it, I am annoying myself now grin

moondog Thu 20-Oct-11 21:27:14

No I loved two of yours.
I just couldn't justify over £300 on a pair of boots.

You should start a stylish while pg thread. grin

TethHearseEnd Fri 21-Oct-11 11:17:03

God I think it's going to be an impossibility. I got my favourite 70s camel belted wool coat with massive sheepskin collar out yesterday and already I can't do the belt up properly sad

Mind you, it'll all be ok as long as I can find this dress...

HettyAmaretti Fri 21-Oct-11 11:20:27

Get thee to a seamstress.

TethHearseEnd Fri 21-Oct-11 11:21:25

Alas, I think you're right, Hetty.

HettyAmaretti Fri 21-Oct-11 11:24:44

'fraid so. But then it'll be utterly prefect and she can add exrta in the seams and let it out for you as time goes on. Probably include running alterations in the price if you ask nicely.

dingdong3 Fri 21-Oct-11 13:38:29

Congrats tether that's great news! Though please don't stop recommending great stuff for us non pg girls. Love all your links.

Saw this this morning and thought of you....

brawhen Fri 21-Oct-11 14:02:52

I am currently wearing a John Lewis number - £39 bargain - knitted viscose with cable knit top, knee length. Very wearable & washable. Stretchy and forgiving. Warm. 3/4 sleeves though.

It is the best dress in the universe though.

TethHearseEnd Fri 21-Oct-11 14:04:24

Thanks dingdong smile

Oh god- that dress is PERFECT.

It's about £200 too much sad

Ah well. One day. In about nine months grin

brawhen Fri 21-Oct-11 14:07:23

In real life looks much less sack-like, and makes it to just on my knee (am 5'3'')

TethHearseEnd Fri 21-Oct-11 14:13:14

Thanks brawhen, but the sleeves and hemline on that are waaay too short.

dingdong3 Fri 21-Oct-11 14:20:33

Yes...I only copped the price when I checked my link after posting. Have just picked myself up off the ground shock

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