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nanoblur - anyone else tried it?

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bottlebank Wed 19-Oct-11 19:55:02

I got some after reading about it in the DM [shame emoticon]

I like it! It's not the miracle I was hoping for but I have pretty bad broken capillaries around my nose (have tried laser and it didn't work), and don't think anything much would help them.

It is extremely matt which is what works I think as the light doesn't bounce off my facial contours (hem hem), in the same way. I think I like it!

I'm a mineral makeup user though and it wouldn't work with that.

Has anyone else tried it?

bottlebank Wed 19-Oct-11 20:00:17

Pores etc do look smaller (again because of the matte-ness I guess) - doesn't do much for patches of redness but it has lasted since school-run time.

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