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Has anyone had the semi permanent mascara?

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Kellamity Wed 19-Oct-11 19:03:15

Was it any good? I am thinking if having it done before I go on holiday in December.

ggirl Wed 19-Oct-11 19:21:02

do you mean eyelash dyeing?
have had it done
make sure you get tested for allergy befoe you get it done
I had horrendous allergic reaction wheni had it done for my summer hols
I looked awful , like the she-devil from the exorcist
took a few weeks to go away

Kellamity Wed 19-Oct-11 19:31:14

No not eyelash dyeing, that doesn't thicken your eyelashes which with my stubby little things I need. You can now have a semi permanent mascara applied which thickens as well as colours.

Carrotsandcelery Wed 19-Oct-11 19:34:41

I haven't had it done but I am considering it too. The one I have been told about it mylashes I think. It is supposed to tint, thicken and curl your eyelashes. I was told it would last 3 weeks (so it probably lasts 2 <cynic>)

At my beauticians it costs £40 I think so I would only do it for a holiday or maybe over the Christmas party season <yeah right!> or similar.

I am very interested to hear how you/others get on with it.

Fifitrixibella Wed 19-Oct-11 19:39:43

I had this done - it was called Crybaby. I was happy with it for the first week, but after that as it broke down it started to not look very good. You can get it properly taken off (at a cost), but I just waited until it wore off. By the 3rd/4th week I just really wanted it off as the remaining bits looked messy and I just wanted to put mascara on. I wouldn't get it done again.

lampli Wed 19-Oct-11 20:26:44

I had this done. It was called myscara. For the first 24 hours it just looked like I was wearing very badly applied mascara. After that it just looked worse and worse every day. My eyelashes were stuck together every morning when I woke up, actually tangled together and I would lose lots of eyelashes when trying to prise them apart. You know when people put mascara on but don't make any attempt to comb through their eyelashes? That's what I looked like. It only lasted about a week, but I still have bits there now, 4 weeks later. I'm damned if I am going to pay to have it all soaked off. All the staff at the salon claimed to have it done and I had a good look at them before I had it done but what I had done bore no resemblance to that. I would never do it again. I didn't pay full price, thank goodness.

I would only recommend you have this done if you like to wear gallons of badly applied mascara and false lashes and have the time/money to have it re-done every week.

Carrotsandcelery Wed 19-Oct-11 21:02:26

lampli I am sorry you had such a bad experience. Thank you for the warning.

iknowanoldlady Wed 19-Oct-11 21:40:33

I would echo the warnings - the one I had done felt horrible on, didn't really lengthen the lashes all that much (no better than just wearing mascara) and flaked off leaving, I am convinced, my natural lashes shorter. Totally not worth it!

Kellamity Wed 19-Oct-11 21:41:43

Yes thanks for the warnings, I don't think I will bother. Might just invest in a good waterproof mascara for my beachy days wink

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