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Where can I buy lovely but non fashionable clothes?

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HarriedWithChildren Tue 18-Oct-11 17:54:50

I've just ordered yet another plain jumper from Boden and just wish there was somewhere else to buy clothes that are:

Mostly natural fabrics
Machine washable
Print free, mostly
Classic in style but youngish
Reasonably affordable

I'm fed up with having to trawl through websites full of trendy polyester wear I'm too old and fat for to find e.g. a red "boyfriend" cardi to go with a dress I already have. Yes, I have been known to buy things from Bhs.

Where do you go for classics/basics?

FrancesFarmer Tue 18-Oct-11 18:14:43

Toast? It's a bit expensive but the sales are good.

Popbiscuit Tue 18-Oct-11 19:09:22

J. Crew.

southeastastra Tue 18-Oct-11 19:16:11

la redoute?

neuroticmumof3 Tue 18-Oct-11 19:38:26

braintree fits your criteria. I've just bought this and this and think they are both gorgeous. The material they use is very nice, a hemp/cotton mix.

cerealqueen Tue 18-Oct-11 22:51:00

lands end have some lovely stuff.

RightUpMyRue Tue 18-Oct-11 22:57:20

Marks and Spencer.

Cartoonjane Wed 19-Oct-11 06:38:25

Jigsaw? Pricy but good quality and not too young.

HarriedWithChildren Wed 19-Oct-11 08:31:18

Thanks all,

Braintree looks cute, a little colourful but cute. Don't fit in and/or can't afford JCrew, Jigsaw or Toast so I guess it's back to Marks, just like my MIL, how depressing.

Will have a look at La Redoute when I have a mo.

madammecholet Wed 19-Oct-11 09:24:07

NO don't look at marks..... wash out your mouth.

Look at White Company (sale), White stuff (fits some people - not me), Cos, Great Plains here or Uniglo here also look on places like not on the high street like this bargain dress

southeastastra Wed 19-Oct-11 09:24:58

i'd got some nice things from marks lately! (the larger stores) and they're fab!

animula Wed 19-Oct-11 09:26:21

Comptoir de Cotoniers

delphinedownunder Wed 19-Oct-11 09:30:26

Try New Zealand Nature company - I love their bamboo stuff. They will ship to the UK.

polyhymnia Wed 19-Oct-11 10:00:01

Comptoir are gorgeous.

M and S very mixed to put it mildly, and much of their stuff is ghastly, but I'd have thought a few things - eg the Autograph cashmere range - do meet your criteria.

Jaeger? Plainer things in Hobbs?

teta Wed 19-Oct-11 10:25:17

You could be me, Harried.I think Marks is actually having a good year and i have bought bits and pieces.But i hate the mass of synthetic fabrics available on some really quite expensive items.I always buy down and cashmere coats in TK Maxx as generally the quality is better than standard high street coats.I love the Braintree site,the colours and styles-thank you Neurotic.....I am going to order from there today.I live in the countryside and 12 miles from a small town centre.Therefore i have no access to Hobbs,Comptoir etc.Also i am in my 40's [albeit with young kids] and i now suit different shapes to when i was younger.Its now much more difficult to order online and get something looking really good.I really just want clothes that suit me,look good and are comfortable to wear [no polyester!],I'll leave high fashion to my 12 year old dd.

higgle Wed 19-Oct-11 11:20:24

Save up for something from Brora?

HarriedWithChildren Wed 19-Oct-11 12:47:24

Snap Teta, also live in the middle of nowhere, well actually just outside Leeds but might was well be the Gobi desert as far as quality shopping for the just over 40 but not quite past it woman is concerned. So everything has to be online.

La Redoute has a long red cardi, hurrah. I used to like Kew but it's gone urban or something. Will look at White Company and Uniqlo when next in London.

What is it with that suspiciously soft knitwear that's everywhere now but makes you sweat like crazy and bobbles immediately? I loathe it. Is it at least made of recycled plastic bottles or some other commendable process?

I love Hobbs but quite frankly with 3 DCs under 5 it's out of the question and will have to wait they know how to blow their noses, on a hankie not on me.

CaptainNancy Wed 19-Oct-11 13:08:50

I wear things similar to your list of criteria, and I shop (very infrequently) in
white company
white stuff

ebay sometimes.

CointreauVersial Wed 19-Oct-11 13:13:23

I also loathe synthetic knitwear with a passion, and the first thing I do when I pick up a garment is rummage around inside for the content label!

Nowt wrong with Marks, as long as you go to a large-ish store.

Another vote for Uniqlo. Very nice quality basics; their heat-tech tops are legendary for layering.

Sinkingfeeling Wed 19-Oct-11 13:15:26

I love Peopletree, though their collection is quite small.

vixsatis Wed 19-Oct-11 13:16:13


Emo76 Wed 19-Oct-11 14:05:51

GAP (few times a year there's a 30% off code)

HarriedWithChildren Wed 19-Oct-11 16:29:19

Those brands are all really lovely but I'm not adventurous enough to wear 90% of their clothes. Once you strip out large patterns, anything over the knee, polyester, black, non washables, anything over £100, etc... it's no wonder I'm so frumpy.

Maybe I need to lose weight and go splurge at JCrew.

SootySweepandSue Wed 19-Oct-11 16:34:01

What about Whistles? Unfortunately pricey but there is usually quite a bit on eBay. I've bought some Orla Kiely clothes from eBay recently too. Fashionable yes but very understated.

Emo76 Wed 19-Oct-11 16:36:05

have you considered keeping buying plain boring things and wearing what you have but adding different shoes/scarves/jewelerry in different colours/textures etc? might be a cheaper fix?

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