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Make up for us people with rotten colds!

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WheresTheCat Mon 17-Oct-11 09:42:14

OK - I look a state!
I have a rotten cold - red eyes, dry skin, bright red nose.

On Weds we are going out for a meal with family, and I want to look vaguely presentable (! - will be dosed up on Lemsip)

Any good advice about what make up to wear so I don't look at death's door?

hester Mon 17-Oct-11 09:48:25

Start with a primer to help keep it all in place.
If your nose is flakey, moisturise it well.
Use a really good concealer round your eyes and round your nose.
Eyedrops to soothe your eyes.
If your eyes aren't watery, you may find an eye-brightening kohl (like Benefit Eyebright) helps - but try it out first to make sure it doesn't irritate.
If your eyes are watery, minimise eye-liner or anything you can weep away. Waterproof mascara.
A good tinted moisturiser - heavy coverage foundation may deaden your already dead complexion.
Powder T-zone.
Pinky blush to warm you up.
Not too much eye make-up in case you weep it off. Greenish tones will help counteract red eyes.
I would use a tinted lip balm - lipstick may get in a mess.
Don't try to completely disguise the cold - it won't work and you'll look vampiric. Go for make-up that is durable but light, fresh and healthy looking. That way any escaping body fluids shouldn't create too much of a mess.
Take a repair kit with you (concealer in particular).
Good luck.

WheresTheCat Mon 17-Oct-11 12:05:42

Thank you Hester - fabulous advice.
I had been wondering about Benefit's Eyebright - now I've got a good excuse to buy it!

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