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Need outfit for Friday, please help a novice!!

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sparkout Mon 17-Oct-11 09:31:07

Haven't been out literally for years and have no idea what to wear, have a very small budget and limited shopping time. Am an Autumn so black is out really, am also only 5ft so shopping is a pain in the arse.... please help!!!

Going to 30th birthday at local-ish pub with DCs if that helps so don't need to be too dressed up but I always tend to under dress so need some ideas, thanks!

Gillybobs Mon 17-Oct-11 09:58:30

What dress size are you? DO you want jeans/nice top or dress?

sparkout Mon 17-Oct-11 16:28:08

Sorry, have poorly DD so not been back online, I'm happy with either really, prefer natural fabrics if poss but that seems like an impossible mission. I'm still breastfeeding but don't think I'll feed while out so would be ok with a dress, just always feel a bit tummy concious with dresses. I'm a size 12!

catkins29 Mon 17-Oct-11 17:15:42

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

TethHearseEnd Mon 17-Oct-11 18:10:28

Err, I don't think the OP wants to hire a dress for a 30th at a local pub, catkins29. Welcome to MN though, eh?

How about:


Zip front so could feed if needed...

Twist front


sparkout Tue 18-Oct-11 07:56:00

Thanks TethHearseEnd, I always used to get peopletree catalogue but for some reason its not come recently, some great bargains there too!!!

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