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fine lines and crepey skin under eyes - help!

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FoofFighters Sat 15-Oct-11 21:35:53

I'm only 31 and the skin under my eyes looks horrid when I smile sad it bunches up into loads of tiny fine lines and looks crepey. I also have tear troughs developing, and am considering botox for that. It's not super noticeable but I can see it and hate it!

Please recommend me a good eye cream or product that might help a bit? I know nothing about eye creams, I've never thought they were necessary. Silly me!

FoofFighters Sun 16-Oct-11 19:09:20

Bump - anyone? smile

mavornia Mon 17-Oct-11 00:52:56

Decleor eye serum under your normal eye cream works well

you could get it from QVC - you have a 30 day money back guarantee even with cosmetics so it's a good way of trying new things out

eye creams I've liked include Philosophy firming eye and lip cream and L'occitance Ultra Rich Eye Balm

TopazMortmain Mon 17-Oct-11 01:20:31

Clarins Beauty flash balm - it's a miracle lotion to tighten skin grin

noseybitch Mon 17-Oct-11 01:43:19

Juice feasting is fantastic for tightening up the skin...try a one week juice feast, you will see a massive difference! You need to rehydrate yourself from within.

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