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Bobbi Brown pot rouge?

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40notTrendy Sat 15-Oct-11 20:24:08

Anyone know anything about it? A pal has recommended it.

fresh Sat 15-Oct-11 22:17:57

Yes, have used it lots, I love Bobbi Brown stuff. A little goes a long way and you can use it on cheeks and lips although it's quite matt on lips. The assistant told me to pat it on with fingers rather than rub, and she was right. It looks much stronger in the pot than it is when on (unless you trowel it on grin )

BuntyCollocks Sat 15-Oct-11 22:19:57

It's excellent. I have it In cabana coral and use it for my cheeks and lips.

Gillybobs Sat 15-Oct-11 22:33:06

Didnt work for me at all, disappeared off my face within an hour of applying it. Dont have hugely oily cheeks. Id say get the counter to try it on you and see how long it lasts before investing!

ggirl Sat 15-Oct-11 22:34:05

Looks great for about 30mins then it's gone.

AnnetteProfit Sun 16-Oct-11 15:34:07

Id advise putting on with brush
i realy like it a LOT

40notTrendy Sun 16-Oct-11 16:17:05

Am always a bit wary of something that is 2 in 1, but it sounds good for brightening me up without too much effort? Will have to go to counter as I've no idea what shade I'd need. Oh dear grin

noddyholder Sun 16-Oct-11 18:40:39

I put it on my lips with a top layer of that tingling benefit clear gloss and its great

cyb Sun 16-Oct-11 18:44:56

Hello nodders

How do

noddyholder Sun 16-Oct-11 18:55:28

Good thanks you? Have the cough of all coughs though and am knackered!

cyb Sun 16-Oct-11 18:56:51

Oh blimey moi aussi. Not attractive

noddyholder Sun 16-Oct-11 18:57:35

Any tips to get some sleep!

AnnetteProfit Sun 16-Oct-11 18:58:48

god poor oyu with cough.

i cant imagine it on my lips tbh

cyb Sun 16-Oct-11 18:59:37

Well, Sarah Kennedy (ex Radio 2 lush) used to swear by rubbing Vics on the soles of ones feet and wearing thick socks to bed

of course the fact that she'd consumed the best part of 3 bottles of gin might have helped her sleep more than that technique

cyb Sun 16-Oct-11 19:00:19

I have been wetting myself a teensy bit with the BBIG coughs which is an interesting development

noddyholder Sun 16-Oct-11 19:02:20

Me too! Most disconcerting! Have done the vicks and socks might do again tonight, have never had a cough liek this feel ok just coughing like mad,have strained a rib and been peeing myself charming!

noddyholder Sun 16-Oct-11 19:03:04

Annette its lovely on lips with balm over the top sort of stain look

cyb Sun 16-Oct-11 19:06:09

I was couging so much I missed most of a Headmasters speech at an open evening for a new school for my son. So did everyone within a 12 foot radius of me

I was getting the EVILS as we filed out

noddyholder Sun 16-Oct-11 19:07:09

Dp getting fed up with me now. Doctor says virus but its been 2 weeks now. I haven't stopped moaning tbh

MrsRobertDuvall Sun 16-Oct-11 19:09:47

I like the pot rouge, but not for lips. At my age Matt lips does not look good.

Cyb....may need to change name to tenalady Qwink
hope you feel better.
What school did you look at (nosey)

noddyholder Sun 16-Oct-11 19:10:32

You need gloss over the top I am 46 and it seems ok

cyb Sun 16-Oct-11 19:19:01

It rhymes with Polly Shield

Don't know why I'm being cryptic

cyb Sun 16-Oct-11 19:19:32

nodders did you get strange swollen sore tongue with yours? me and H both did V I L E

MrsRobertDuvall Sun 16-Oct-11 19:42:22

Lol at cyb.
Nice school.
Ds is at the one that rhymes with womb toys.

MrsRobertDuvall Sun 16-Oct-11 19:43:40

Still felt very dry on my lips.
Do you know I have had my hair cut and coloured today and no one has noticed yet? By that I mean dh.
Ok not vastly different, but even so.

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