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Given up on Bravissimo - where to get tops for my splendid bosom?

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Acekicker Sat 15-Oct-11 18:06:20

Having lost weight a few years ago I'm now a size 14 with a 34F bust. After dieting, I got new bras in Bravissimio and fell in love with their clothes as well. Yes they were pricey but they fitted, the quality was pretty good and I could show off my curves (had previously been a size 20/22 so was quite content with the baggy look but having lost the weight I want to show off my shape).

Occasionally I'd gripe about some of their tops being a bit short (am 5'9 and dreamt of Bravissimo doing a joint line with LTS) but I always managed to find dresses and tops that looked fab.

Since they decided to become 'Pepperberry' for clothes though I've found that the quality has got worse (lots of cheap thin materials and synthetics) and their styling has gone out of the window. Everything is a bloody empire line and what little they have that isn't has wierd fussy detailing and is cut strangely. To be honest if I want to do the empire cute I can buy size 16 tops in Per Una that are at least 20% cheaper. Why the hell Bravissimo are now doing trousers, accessories etc I do not know - they had a brilliant product and (I presumed) a market of willing buyers happy to pay a premium for a specialist range...

Now I've finished ranting, who can help me with where else I could go for nice tops/dresses - I've bought a couple from East in the past which at a size 16 fit nicely around my bust and aren't too baggy (more because of the style I suspect) but I'd like to have some other options. Alternatively, is it just me that's found this with Bravissimo and I need to rethink my idea of what is stylish at the moment...

HazleNutt Sat 15-Oct-11 18:35:56

I so agree with you on Bravissimo - the idea was so great, but now they have hired a designer from Per Una and are only doing jersey tops (hello? it stretches! I can fit into jersey tops from anywhere!) and sparkly sleevless dresses with massive cleavage and call them appropriate for work. And what's with all those floral numbers, Per Una Speziale, Pepperberry? Why, why??

I have found that M&S dresses are more generously cut. Otherwise I just choose stretchy fabrics. Have this one for example, looks great:

Acekicker Sat 15-Oct-11 21:21:57

That asos dress is nice, I think you're right stretchy fabric is the way to go now that Bravissimo have turned on us. Thinking about it all the recent tops I've bought (eg the East ones) have been stretchy fabric.

It's just so infuriating as I loved their stuff until Pepperberry came along - why the feck are they doing scarves, gloves and bracelets - unless I've missed something I don't need those styled to accommodate my breasts... Reading the reviews on the website even their strappy tops (which were absolute blimmin genius) aren't what they used to be sad.

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