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Why do I always end up with eyeliner all over my face?

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spatchcock Sat 15-Oct-11 11:44:31

I love eyeliner, especially black and brown. But whichever brand I use ends up smeared under my eyes.

I don't plaster it on, it's always really understated. I have combination skin but it's not especially oily round my eyes. I use Bodyshop aloe moisturiser on my face.

Any ideas? I'm sick of looking like an audition for the Rocky Horror Show!

Iggly Sat 15-Oct-11 11:45:53

Do you put any base on before eyeliner? I use mineral powder foundation and sweep some over my eyes. Stops any running (also have combo skin)

southeastastra Sat 15-Oct-11 11:47:39

have you tried mac eyeliners?

CoteDAzur Sat 15-Oct-11 11:48:41

Maybe because you use eyeliner under your eyes? You really don't need it there.

southeastastra Sat 15-Oct-11 11:54:46

why don't you need it there? i use it under eyes confused

Trills Sat 15-Oct-11 12:25:59

You don't need it anywhere, but some of us like to put eyeliner under our eyes.

Trills Sat 15-Oct-11 12:26:43

Do you touch your face unconsciously? I know I do. I find Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner stays put better than any pencils.

ZacharyQuack Sat 15-Oct-11 12:32:45

Have you tried using a dark eyeshadow with an eyeliner brush?

TheGoldRoad Sat 15-Oct-11 12:45:05

I've recently got into gel eyeliners, i think they are brilliant. I've got a Maybelline one in a tiny pot with a fine brush, really not difficult as you might think and a stick one from Avon. The Avon one in particular lasts all day and does not move.

betheldeath Sat 15-Oct-11 14:05:51

I don't put eyeliner under my eyes but it ends up everywhere because I have long lashes (smug)

It's actually really annoying as I can use gel, liquid, waterproof mascara- whatever and it still ends up giving me panda face.

valiumredhead Sat 15-Oct-11 17:52:04

Estee Lauder doublewear, Clinique long lasting or Rimmel Exaggerate depending on your budget.

whojimmyflip Sat 15-Oct-11 18:46:24

If you use a small angled brush and a dark matte eye shadow over the top of the eyeliner it should hardly move at all. Like using a setting powder over foundation - same principle

And gel eyeliners are much less likely to smudge.

MooMinCow Sat 15-Oct-11 18:50:28

Are you applying on the waterline (inner rim) or on lash line? I know kohl can travel downwards if applied inside the eye IYKWIM

40notTrendy Sat 15-Oct-11 20:22:35

Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner. Stays put, great colours, easy to apply.

CMOTdibbler Sat 15-Oct-11 21:30:59

MAC eyeliner on the top, dark MAC eyeshadow underneath. Doesn't budge

spatchcock Sun 16-Oct-11 12:03:15

No, I don't put it on under my eyes, just on the lash line of the top lid. But it still seems to travel south. I try not to touch my eyes but maybe I'm an unconscious face-toucher.

Right, so it looks like I need a base coat, and possibly a gel eyeliner. Have never used an eyeliner brush, either. Didn't know such things existed! Will get to googling.

Thanks all.

ggirl Sun 16-Oct-11 12:20:06

I have just recently discovered the solution to this problem for me.
Happened no matter what liner I used, BBgel, ELdoublewear pencils , and always only on upper lid.
I have started using mineral makeup and low and behold my eyeliner stays put!!!
I think it's because I am not adding liquid foundation or using under eye concealor which adds to the problem.
Have a go at using eyeliner (revlon colourstay pencil is fab btw) without any other makeup whatsoever and see if it stays put.

neverright Sun 16-Oct-11 16:52:58

Mine used to until I swithched to Urban Decay eye liner.

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