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Help, awful spots on face!

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bigbabushkas Wed 12-Oct-11 22:55:32

Hoping wise mumsnetters may be able to help me. Over the past month I have had horrible breakouts of terrible spots on my forehead, cheeks, back and top of shoulders. They are full blown teenage acne spots and cannot seem to get rid of them. I usually use Liz Earl Cleanse and Polish and have tried sudocream, tea tree oil....any other suggestions? Really getting me down!

fannybanjo Wed 12-Oct-11 23:00:31

Go to GP - he may prescribe a mild antibiotic lotion (I've had Zineryt which was excellent). No need to suffer with spots in this day and age and GP won't laugh you out of the surgery.

I'm too breaking out a lot at the moment and I'm prescribed Retin A so shouldn't be!

underactivethyroidmum Wed 12-Oct-11 23:54:54

Having suffered all my life the best thing I've found for a quick fix is freederm gel which you can buy over the counter in Boots.
Do a really good cleansing session - I use a mud mask or clay mask then cover your face in the gel and leave on overnight. The next morning I cleanse again then tone and moisturise avoiding the bigger spots which I dab with more freederm.
If this doesn't help try your GP but most of the stuff I've been prescribed doesn't work as well as this unless it has other side effects which for me with antibiotics is usually a dicky tummy hmm

itchywitch Thu 13-Oct-11 05:02:18

If you are looking for an over the counter solution, then gentle cleanser + 2.5% benzoyl peroxide cream + moisturising sunscreen.

Otherwise topical antibiotics from the doctor are good, but I preferred differin which is a type of topical retinoid.

If you are not on the pill, or use a progesterone only from of contraception (implant, mini-pill etc) consider switching to the combined pill.

Always use a gentle cleanser and a moisterise with or plus sunscreen. You arent just getting rid of acne but also trying to prevent scarring.

itchywitch Thu 13-Oct-11 05:03:02

Also make sure all your products are non-comedogenic

TheMoreItSnows Thu 13-Oct-11 11:17:46

I'm with fanny my GP prescribed me Duac - spots on jawline & forehead, and really bad on shoulders & back gone within 2 weeks, still not back 2 months on....

fannybanjo Thu 13-Oct-11 13:29:18

A lot depends on why you are getting the spots. The odd hormonal spot is okay to be treated with over the counter but if every day, you are waking with another spot, your skin is going to need something more, well, brutal! Definitely go to GP, I suffered for years and tried to self-treat, nothing ever worked. 5 days after using Zineryt and I never got a spot again.

dingdongthewitchisdead3 Thu 13-Oct-11 15:47:23

Late onset acne is just like teenage acne - it is hormonal. There are some fairly basic things that will help, drink tons of water, use gentle, preferably chemical free products and try to increase fresh fruit/veg in your diet.
Evening Primrose Oil supplements are good for balancing hormones too.

Definitely go for the GP visit and if you're not already on the pill, you could explore that option. If you are on the pill, look at changing it. I changed from Dianette to Yasmin about a year ago and the effect on my skin was unbelievable - I rarely have a spot now whereas on Dianette, I was waking up with new ones almost every day - big sore red ones sad.

Really hope you get sorted - good luck x

BelleEnd Thu 13-Oct-11 15:55:28

I've just figured out a pattern in my own spot breakouts, and it's chocolate- I seem to have developed some kind of reaction to it, and if I eat even one square I get huge lumpy red spots, very painful and hard to cover. This has come on very quickly, and after a chocolateless few months whilst I've been losing weight.

NewChoos Thu 13-Oct-11 16:57:35

Try Murad cleanser - it's fantastic stuff. Use by DN to good effect.

fannybanjo Thu 13-Oct-11 17:36:12

One product I can honestly say made a huge difference since I started using it a couple of years ago is Jan Marini Glycolic acid products. Quite expensive but lasts months. I used the Bio-glycolic face wash and bioclear cream. If you look on my profile to a photo of me last year, you can see how clear it made my skin. I started Retin A for reduction of lines as well as spots but I'll be honest, the Jan Marini was better and when I can afford to, I'll be purchasing again. No, I don't work for them! Wish I did!

notnowImreading Thu 13-Oct-11 17:47:41

I used zinerit as well and have had 8 months of clear skin since starting. I only have to use it once in a blue moon so if they give you a repeat prescription it's better to ask for it dry and mix it yourself when you need it.

hatcam Thu 13-Oct-11 18:12:39

Fannybanjo, can you just buy jan marini or do you need to get it from a clinic/dermatologist?

fannybanjo Thu 13-Oct-11 18:41:58

hatcam I used Zineryt alongside the Jan Marini and eventually managed to drop the Zineryt over time as Jan Marini worked on it's own. I was advised to use Jan Marini by a dermatologist in Chester and eventually I bought it cheaper from a UK based seller on eBay - if you give me an hour, when the kids are in bed, I'll link to the seller. I think for both products it will be in region of £65 so not too bad for a great product. smile. I changed to Retin A as I was getting first signs of lines and retinoid helps hugely with them but Retin A is hardcore and Jan Marini better for long term use.

fannybanjo Thu 13-Oct-11 19:40:24

Bioclear cream and Bioglycolic facewash. I used these two items, along with their sunscreen which also was lovely. I used the sunscreen everyday (even during winter) as it was recommended by the Dermatologist. My skin isn't oily, was just prone to breakouts all the time but if your skin is oily, I would recommend going for their oily version of the facewash and the lotion rather than the cream. smile

hatcam Thu 13-Oct-11 19:43:00

Thank you v much

bigbabushkas Fri 14-Oct-11 10:15:26

Thank you very much for all your great advice, will be trying a few out soon!

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