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I want a biker jacket that doesn't make me look either butch or booby

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TougherThanTheRest Wed 12-Oct-11 11:48:21

Any suggestions? I'm a size 14 with big boobs and quite short with short hair so the potential for either of the aforementioned situations is high.

monkeysmama Wed 12-Oct-11 11:53:04

Have you seen the Mint Velvet one? I have it in the caramel they did in spring. I'm a 12-14 normally and have a big chest but got the 10 so I'd recommend trying the 12 too. It's very soft and ages well. Inhale a code for £20 off and free p&p I can dig out if you like it.

miche8 Wed 12-Oct-11 12:15:16

i'm the same size i like the mint velvet one but a bit out of my price range, have seen one online at oasis but can't find it in stores.

Monkeysmama what is the code please?

TougherThanTheRest Wed 12-Oct-11 12:24:47

That's gorgeous but a bit out of my budget I think sad Should have said I really can't afford to spend more than £150. Lovely site for ideas though, beautiful clothes.

monkeysmama Wed 12-Oct-11 12:28:44

Sorry I should've checked your budget. Try SHEER11 iirc.

Zara have a few nice shapes in too but imo you have to try them.

TougherThanTheRest Wed 12-Oct-11 12:49:03

There are some nice ones on the Zara site but I agree I'd probably be best to try them on, I feel a shopping trip coming on...

sprinkles77 Wed 12-Oct-11 16:14:46

you will probably find that one that does not have pockets around the boobs is more flattering. And not a bomber jacket style with ribbing at the waist as they bunch up round your tits and chin. Speaking from experience. Do you definitely need a biker style one? If you are worried about looking butch or booby you might be better off finding one that is a bit more nipped in at the waist so it has a more feminine edge. I'm a similar build as you and have made a couple of mistakes with biker jackets.

TougherThanTheRest Thu 13-Oct-11 09:33:26

I have made similar mistakes sprinkles, I don't think it's the best style for a short busty build - people I admire who wear them are generally tall, slim and fairly boob-free eg This girl, can't find a picture of her wearing one but she does a lot in her show and This girl who wears them all the time in her blog pics and looks really cool. I love the look but am not convinced it is going to suit me sad

monkeysmama Thu 13-Oct-11 11:31:45

WIT in your second link has big boobs. The leather jacket she's wearing this season is from Whistles. Their sale just started and they have a dark plum one with a lot off iirc. Loads of shops have them in atm - Topshop had a good few and again, Zara had different shapes and textures.

TougherThanTheRest Thu 13-Oct-11 12:52:29

Do you think she does? Maybe it's just because she's so much taller and thinner than me it doesn't show so much. I love that Whistles one and it's a great reduction but I'm not sure about the colour - guess that's why it's in the sale!

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