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Boden stock issues

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deliakate Tue 11-Oct-11 20:02:54

How the heck do you actually order stuff from Boden in your size? Every single time I have tried to shop there all I see in the size/colour I'm after is a 3 or 7 or whatever, meaning how many weeks you have to wait. Bit ridic for DS's winter clobber to be arriving at the end of November. When should I be shopping to get the full choice? When do they 'drop' the new season's stuff???

MrsKitty Tue 11-Oct-11 20:04:51

I think the number of weeks wait is usually a bit over the top (better to be 'early' than late, I suppose), for example I recently prdered a dress with an 8 week wait on it, but had it within 2 weeks.

Agree it's a bit rubbish though, and have been put off buying stuff in the past because of the listed wait time.

mirpuppet Tue 11-Oct-11 20:12:47

Order multiple sizes in the preview and you will get 20% off and all the sizes you want (and a very large charge on your credit card -- which give you incentive to return ASAP).

deliakate Tue 11-Oct-11 20:14:06

Thanks. What's the preview mirpuppet? How do you get notified when its happening?

saoirse86 Tue 11-Oct-11 20:36:35

I recently ordered something for dd and it said 2 weeks, which meant they sent it 2 weeks later so I actually got it 3 weeks after ordering.

It was my first order and I got a free scarf with it. Is that normal? confused

mirpuppet Tue 11-Oct-11 21:17:36

I usually know about the preview because of mumsnet S&B. I have given Johnnie an email that I do not monitor -- he may send me details but I can't be bothered to read through all his marketing.

Although I do love his pounds off vouchers -- but they come in plain envelopes to my house so once again I'm usually alerted by mumsnet.

mirpuppet Tue 11-Oct-11 21:18:39

In terms of frequency I think he has a preview 4 times a year -- once (or twice) for each season. I feel like the fall preview happened twice.

polyhymnia Tue 11-Oct-11 23:12:26

Yup, spring preview will prob. be coming up in November!

LaDolcheRyvita Wed 12-Oct-11 09:47:42

Yeah.... Johnny B should spend less time wasting paper on mail shots I didn't ask for and more time sourcing suppliers who can actually come up with the good! I waited so long for my last order that now, I just put the brochures straight into the recycling bin. Waste of time! I JUST DON'T WANT TO WAIT THAT LONG!!

saoirse86 Wed 12-Oct-11 10:02:12

I think I will only ever order things for dd a size bigger than she is. It would be seriously annoying to buy something for her only to find she's grown out of it by the time it arrives!

I also don't understand why they send so much marketing. A brochure a season would do, not one every fortnight! confused

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