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What do you think of this dress?

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poppyhoppy Tue 11-Oct-11 15:31:10

blue velvet tunic

I think I like it, but I am a large size 12 with biggish boobs, and I'm worried it wont flatter my figure at all. What do you think? Is it something only the very small can get away with?

Elemental Tue 11-Oct-11 15:45:39

I am a size 14 with big boobs and that would look awful on me. I used to like those type of dresses too and went through a few in my younger days before realising that they looked really frumpy on me. I think not many curves are needed for that.

fedupofnamechanging Tue 11-Oct-11 15:57:40

I'm not keen. I think it is hard to judge just by looking at it on line, but that material can look quite cheap. Also, it cuts right across the waist, so might make a person look a bit 'choppy' iyswim. I don't think I would love it, even on a really slender person.

KarlaFromMoscowCentre Tue 11-Oct-11 16:03:17

I do usually like crushed velvet, but there's just something about that. I think it is the waist - it would be pretty unforgiving if you have a bit of a tummy.

voscar Tue 11-Oct-11 16:20:31

I'm a ten, sometimes twelve (depends on how greedy I've been that weekend!) as it shows instantly on me. And I wouldn't wear that - it would be terribly unflattering!

I can't think of any fiigure that would work on tbh! Sorry sad

JustAnother Tue 11-Oct-11 16:24:08

I am size 10 with 32F boobs and would look awful on me. That kind of dress seems to make my hips look 10 times bigger than normal.

Gingefringe Tue 11-Oct-11 17:32:06

Not keen, sorry. The material looks rather cheap and it's the kind of thing an 18 year old goth would wear with doc martins.

DrinkYourWeakLemonDrinkNow Tue 11-Oct-11 17:36:14

Very unflattering. Agree 100% (and lolgrin) at 18 yr old goth in DMs post by Ginge.

poppyhoppy Tue 11-Oct-11 18:28:41

thanks for all of your opinions! Although, gingefringe, the 18year old goth comment actually made me like it a little more! I would have worn it with DMs (I am young, btw) Although I do have to agree, I think it would be very unflattering. It's such a shame when you see clothes that are fantastic in theory but badly executed. Back to the drawing board!

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