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where do you blowdry/style your hair at home?

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chandellina Tue 11-Oct-11 09:27:07

i find this a real quandry. I come from a country where there are electrical outlets in bathrooms and hence one can use a blowdryer/irons/whatever in front of the mirror and conveniently stash them away.

Over the years I've stood outside the bathroom with hairdryer on a power strip, trying to see into the mirror, used the reception mirror and kept my blowdryer next to the telly, used the guest room, apart from when there's a guest, etc.

It's always inconvenient and uncomfortable. I leave for work before DH so I can't do it in our bedroom. I don't have room to set up a dressing table anywhere anyway.

I'm curious what others do?

GetOrfMo1Land Tue 11-Oct-11 09:32:00

I have a guest room which I use as a dressing room (all my clothes are in there) and I have got a dressing table with all my potions on, a chair and a great big mirror. Could you set up a permanent space in your guest room?

miche8 Tue 11-Oct-11 09:39:31

i wash my hair at night, try to let it dry naturally but will give it a quick blast with the dryer before bed if needed, dryer kept in bedroom. In the morning i straighten it and apply makeup while my children are eating breakfast, one of the cupboards in the kitchen has my makeup bag and straighteners. Our kitchen is big so has a table and is open plan with the hallway where the huge mirror is. I can do hair and makeup and yell at children to eat breakfast all at the same time. I would like a dressing table but if i'm not in the same room my children won't get on with what they should be doing and we will be late, perhaps when they get a bit older.

chandellina Tue 11-Oct-11 09:43:22

my MIL stays with us once a week so I can't permanently set up in the guest room. I only wash my hair every other day but I still have to give it a few minutes with the blowdryer every morning to get it under control.

maybe standing up in my reception is the best spot - I just find it a bit ridiculous to stash brushes and hair serum next to the DVD player. We're having an understairs loo put in and I was dreaming that I could have an electrical outlet in there but apparently even without a shower or bath it's still not allowed.


ChippyMinton Tue 11-Oct-11 10:14:28

Do hair in the bedroom. DH manages to snore through the blow-drying, and kindly checks that I've unplugged the straighteners if I ring him in a panic en route to work smile

Do make-up in the bathroom, as the light is better in there.

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