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Decent tongs!

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Appuskidu Mon 10-Oct-11 20:05:47

GHDs do a great job at strightening my hair, but I want something to curl it! It's wavy naturally, but I want it to curl! I've tried some tongs before and they've been utterly useless because my hair is quite long and v.thick. Will anything be strong enough or will I be reduced to a perm!?

BloodandScumatron Mon 10-Oct-11 20:21:51

I have long (half way down back) thick hair and I use a curling wand.

Can't link on my phone but it is brilliant, so much better than any other tongs.

Have you tried any 'no heat' methods? Try searching no heat curling on youtube or video jug. Some great ideas on there.

TopC Mon 10-Oct-11 20:38:23

Try the Yogi wand, you have to have hardy fingers as it doesn't have a clamp to hold your hair, you just wrap it around the cone but the curl does stay in all day.

Also try a styling spray (favourite would be Bumble & bumble styling spray) - simply spray lightly on the strand you're about to curl and it protects it but also helps hold the curl. Works a dream on my thick wavy hair. I work on a website and used to be on the beauty team so have tested a fair few of these.

You know you can also twirl your hair round your ghds too, I often do this when I want loose waves rather than anything ringletty and it's how my hairdresser always curls my hair.

hope this helps.

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