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Big calves, mid-calf boots & jeggings: asking for trouble?

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LaTristesse Mon 10-Oct-11 17:33:29

So my calves are pretty muscly big but I want some Uggs for the winter and fancy the Kensington which are mid-calf height. My calves do fit in them (miraculous), although there's not much room for owt else, so I was thinking of wearing them with jeggings, which I guess I could just about cram down the side, but is this going to look ridiculous? To make matters worse more complictated I'm going to be heavily pg through the winter so any bulges and big bits will be exaggerated! (knee high boots just make my thighs look (even more) enormous, so I don't think I should go there...
Any thoughts ladies...? Thanks smile

LaTristesse Tue 11-Oct-11 19:49:04

Bumping... (optimistically)

Fuctifano Tue 11-Oct-11 20:31:30

I am blessed with calves that any premiership footballer would be proud of, would you do leggings rather jeggings? This kind of look -,r:7,s:58
I don't think you'll look ridiculous and if you choose your tops/dresses carefully you can like stylish and enjoy your curves. Oh and I hope your feet and ankles don't swell like mine did, thankfully it was Auguest when I was rocking my dad's size 9 Jesus creepers!

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