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Size 18 and pregnant - any dresses/tunics that won't make me look like a beached whale?

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Rugbylovingmum Mon 10-Oct-11 14:57:51

Hi all,

the title says it all really. I am a size 18 and have always dressed really badly in jeans, fleecy tops and trainers. About 6 months ago I decided I had to get a grip and invested in a couple of skirts, some nice tops and ballet pumps and I felt loads better but still very aware of my weight. I have tried to lose weight but I've had a very stressful year at work and I can't seem to stop turning to food when I'm tired and wound up blush. I handed my notice in recently (I am retraining) and decided it was time to tackle the weight then found out I am pregnant again grin. It's great news but puts a stop to the diet - I'm eating sensibly and trying not to put much on but this isn't the time to try to lose loads either.

I don't want to slip back into wearing comfy jeans and fleeces so I'm thinking about leggings with tunics/dresses and some nice knee boots. I just don't know which styles will be flattering at my size and would appreciate any recommendations (I still tend to opt for big loose clothes to hide in). I am a size 18, probably hourglass but with a big tummy and broad shoulders. I have tried a couple of wrap dresses but they looked awful although I have a mock wrap that is okay. I am only 8 weeks atm so looking at normal clothes with a bit of 'room' IYKWIM for the first few weeks as well as maternity tops.

Sorry for the long ramble - thanks for the help!

Rugbylovingmum Mon 10-Oct-11 19:24:36


concretefeet Mon 10-Oct-11 22:52:34

this dress is flattering on and these new look tapered woven trousers have lots of give at the waist/tummy. H and M maternity range is quite good generally.

Rugbylovingmum Tue 11-Oct-11 08:02:20

Thanks concretefeet, that dress is very pretty and a good price. We have a new large H&M on the local retail park so I might go and see whether they have any maternity clothes. I'm not sure of the sizing in H&M (the trousers always seem small but the tops okay) so it'll be good to try some bits on before ordering.

I might look for some maternity skirts to wear with thick tights and boots too. I'm just rubbish at deciding what suits me/looks okay.

AlpinePony Tue 11-Oct-11 09:21:08

I know you say you don't like the wrap dresses, but try again in a few weeks. I've got an Isabella Wrap and I hated it the first time I tried it on, tried it again at around 17 weeks and love it. It makes me look pregnant, not fat & frumpy. Tie under the boobs so the emphasis is on bump.

I'm a big hourglass with a flat tummy (at 36 weeks last pregnancy some didn't know) - but what I've learned is that I need to splash the $$$ to dress well to enhance the pregnancy, otherwise I just look like a tubber in the aforementioned jeans & fleece.

Rugbylovingmum Tue 11-Oct-11 15:59:41

Cheers Alpinepony - maybe I'll give wrap dresses another try. I'm not sure if it's because I have wide shoulders or if the dress just didn't have enough structure but it looked totally shapeless one I had it on and highlighted every lump and bump (and I have a lot of lumps and bumps blush). The IO dresses look gorgeous but they are very fitted and I'm just not sure I can get away with that.

Gillybobs Tue 11-Oct-11 16:11:12

What about jersey tunics with a sort of wrap at the best area iyswim, Boden generally do this style in good quality jersey here I find a print flattering as it keeps the eye moving!! Boden also doing a few maternity pieces now, when you are ready for that this is nice

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