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Anyone want to style me for a fancy dinner?

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tak1ngchances Sun 09-Oct-11 15:54:31

Going to my dad's 60th birthday dinner in a fancy restaurant in Dublin in November. There will be 16 of us in a private dining room and we are going all-out glam.
I would like to wear a dress, here are the criteria:
- Not tight around the middle (so I can scoff all the yummy food down)
- Not black
- Not too short (knee length or just below would be preferable)

I am 5ft 5in and size 8 with shoulder length brown hair, green eyes and a "Celtic" complexion (meaning grey-white). I will do a bit of self-tan before the party to take away the blue tinge but in general pale/neutral colours do nothing for me. I have mountains of high heels and bags so not limited that way.

Budget is max £250. I have had a look online already and there are lots of pretty dresses but most have tight waists and I just know I'll be miserable if I can't eat the nice food. My tummy blows up like a balloon as soon as I eat anything so am hoping for something drape-y so I can stick it out and soldier on.

Thanks in advance lovely style mavens.

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