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giant babygro

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Nevertooearlyforcake Sat 08-Oct-11 01:28:47

I laughed at this, my friend owns (and wears) something similar - MN jury, who is right?

LordOfTheFlies Sat 08-Oct-11 01:35:47

How do you go to the loo?

My DD has a Primark fleece all-in-one, but in her defence, she is 9 yo !

Not a flattering look for an adult IMHO

NTEFC - is my friend you ??

Nevertooearlyforcake Sat 08-Oct-11 01:43:57

oh, I so wish it was. My friend could just about pull it off, unfortunately I would look like George Dawes less svelt older sister.

In fact, I may just get one tomorrow and (after checking the returns policy) just present myself seductively to DH.

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