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Please help me with tunics/dresses over leggings

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afishcalledmummy Fri 07-Oct-11 08:11:41

After some bullying persuasion from DH I have decided to do something about the style rut I'm in and wear something other than jeans. I quite like the tunic/leggings or dress/leggings look but I don't really know where to look for nice ones, and I have no idea how to style them when I wear them. In fact, the only accessories I own are a watch and the pearls I was given for my 18th birthday so I could do with some help in that department. I do, however, have lots of pairs of boots so am probably OK on the footwear front - though some advice on what kind of boots with each tunic would be helpful (biker/knee high/heeled/shoe etc).

Do you have/have you seen any you think look nice? I am 5'5", size 10 and don't have a set budget but prefer reasonable prices to megabucks (obviously).

Thank you in advance - I will one day be stylish and not a total scruff!

Wrigglebum Fri 07-Oct-11 08:30:12

I know they get quite a lot of stick on here but I quite like White Stuff. Like you I got persuaded out of a rut by DH and hit the White Stuff sale. It's not too trendy, covers up my wobbly tummy and modestly cut. Prices are not too bad and most of my stuff has washed well on a wool wash. They aren't massively stylish but I feel a lot smarter these days and get compliments on what I wear- plus so much more comfortable than jeans digging in!

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