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Wardrobe advice for girls week away

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dwpanxt Thu 06-Oct-11 20:31:09

Right ,this is a tricky one for you beauteous and stylish ones.

I have a week away with friends planned.It is mainly just a get together with no kids break(yes we are lucky) .No nights out except to local bistro/pub things .

I am probably the fattest (18) definitely the dumpiest and nearly the oldest of the group.I dont dress very well as I really cant be bothered with all that shopping,trying stuff on etc . So I pick up bits from superstores and charity shops mainly -with brief forays to the wild territory of -ooh -- Matalan for example .

Okay ,I know Im not stylish but heres the thing. Several of the group are very stylish ,slim and well groomed.Although the week is meant to be fun I am slightly dreading it as I have nothing that looks really 'nice'. Everything I own has a well used air to it.

What can I do? I dont have lots of cash to throw away but I need some clothes to help give me some confidence.

The accommodation will be woodland lodges (so walks in the leafy lanes) and we will be sharing -so theres the nightmare about what to wear lounging before bed/early(ish) mornings etc. I usually wear nighties but will probably buy some pyjamas for decency sake.But all the ones I have seen have horrid tight fitting cotton bottoms.Who can be comfortable in those?

Okay .I'll stop now.

Can anyone help point me in the right direction?

ThatsNotMyBabyBelly Thu 06-Oct-11 21:30:56

For pyjamas something like this?

How would you feel in skinny jeans? Maybe these?

I would then get a couple of well fitting tops, long cardigan, maybe some scarfs to dress it up.

How about




thicker knit

dwpanxt Thu 06-Oct-11 21:40:32

thanks ThatsNotMyBabyBelly
Apart from the skinny jeans (shudder,I wouldnt put the world through that amount of suffering) the rest of the links do look like something I could go with. I hadnt thought of Dotty Ps for some reason.Theres one in our small town but I rarely go in.
I will get myself in there on Saturday and try to come out with at least a couple of lovely items .

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