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please help...holds up disaster!!!!!!

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Neena28 Thu 06-Oct-11 09:08:45

I've just got into work to find that the lovely thick black hold ups I've put on won't hold up!!!

I'm in a shortish dress and they keep slipping down. They don't seem to have any stick at all. There is no way I can leave and I've got to do quite a lot of standing up and walking around.

Someone please tell me what I can do to make them stay up??!!!

Taking them off is not an option as legs are very hairy and blue!!!


VivaLeBeaver Thu 06-Oct-11 09:13:59


Is there any micropore tape in the first aid box as that's even stickier.

VivaLeBeaver Thu 06-Oct-11 09:14:21

Go home sick?

CandiceMariePratt Thu 06-Oct-11 09:14:57

Tape them on? Or glue? Rubber bands?

planetpotty Thu 06-Oct-11 09:19:48

This has made me grin SORRY!! Its going to have to be rubber bands I think. Cant you get someone to nip out for you to get some tights more?

If your were to use tape I would say buckets and buckets of parcel tape.

Poor you this makes me think of when I was in training and we had to march my friends hold ups fell down to her ankles Nora Batty style and she had to just carry on! So it could be worse smile

dreamingbohemian Thu 06-Oct-11 09:22:59

Do you have safety pins? Could you pin them (in one spot only) to your skirt somehow?

Are there any super organised and with-it women in your office? In places I worked, there was always one woman who kept extra tights in her desk for emergencies...

wellwisher Thu 06-Oct-11 09:46:01

Have you got body lotion and/or talc on your thighs? This will deactivate the stickiness of the hold-ups. Nip into the loo, take off the hold-ups, wash and dry your thighs, wash the top of the hold-ups, squeeze them out, put them back on. If the sticky bits are damp (not wet) and your skin is dry and clean, they should stick.

You do realise though, that if you wear hold-ups with a shortish dress, people will see the tops when you bend over or sit down? Hold-ups are not safe above knee-length! Unless you WANT the tops to show wink

Neena28 Thu 06-Oct-11 09:46:27

No-one has tights as I'm the only woman!!!

Have tried tape nothing is working. Its like the rubber has given up...haven't got moisturiser on or anything so anyway to make the stickiness return?!

Thanks for all the suggestions tho!!

thenightsky Thu 06-Oct-11 09:48:54

Can you make holes in the tops and loop something through, then up your knicker leg to make a sort of suspender? I'm thinking long rubber bands.

Neena28 Thu 06-Oct-11 09:49:10

The dress isn't too short when hold ups are at top of thigh its just shortish for me I suppose.

The buggers are falling that fast anything above my ankles is going to be too short soon!!

wellwisher Thu 06-Oct-11 09:58:23

On NO account make any kind of holes in the hold-ups, they will unravel completely. Dampening the rubber should restickify it...

cakeoholic Thu 06-Oct-11 10:05:29

What you need is to bunch the top of the hold ups and then somehow tie it off. If you have tape then use that almost as if you were tying hair into a ponytail, so pull all the excess fabric at the top, leaving the rest tight to your leg then secure with elastic band or tape etc tied round.

Does that make sense?

SeymoreButts Thu 06-Oct-11 10:06:01

You need to really rub the rubber bits till they get warm and a bit tacky, try using your thumb, or rub them rubber bits together.

SeymoreButts Thu 06-Oct-11 10:07:37

Ooh yes, or use a rubber band to tie off the excess at the top. Make sure you do this on the inside of your thighs though. It's going to feel very weird, and you might end up with dead legs...

voscar Thu 06-Oct-11 10:08:11

Attach a safety pin to hold up, loop a very small rubber band onto safety pin. Attach another safety pin to kickers and loop other end of safety pin through that.

Voila - suspenders. Lol!

Double sided sticky tape

Surgical tape out of first aid box.

toddlerama Thu 06-Oct-11 10:09:46

Been there. You are going to make it worse fiddling around with them. I don't know why it happens but when they quit, they quit. You need to get some tights. Just nip out quickly or send someone else on a mercy mission.

VivaLeBeaver Thu 06-Oct-11 10:19:31

Take it steady with the safety pins. I know someone who gave herself an unwanted labial piercing when she used a safety pin to fasten a body where the pop studs kept undoing.

NhameCage Thu 06-Oct-11 10:56:18

Can you tell us what brand of holdups they are?

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