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Anyone fancy a bargain Vivienne Westwood Anglomania dress

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madammecholet Wed 05-Oct-11 16:56:11

just spotted this beauty!

purplepidjinawoollytangle Wed 05-Oct-11 16:58:52

Even if I had £105 and somewhere to wear a smart frock, all that ruching would make my slim (ish) waist look as wide as my ( very podgy) hips sad

Hopefully someone can take advantage though!

SnapesOnAPlane Wed 05-Oct-11 17:05:55

That's one of the blander uglier VWA dresses I've seen, no wonder it's reduced.
Who would actually look good in that?

madammecholet Wed 05-Oct-11 17:19:28

I've got a darker navy one from this collection and its a very deceptive. Dowdy on the hangar and amazing on. Draping is brilliant and it pulls you in in all the right places, very very you can dress up or down as its simple..

I think the model looks crap mind you, and does not do the dress justice. It need heels!!!

meltedchocolate Wed 05-Oct-11 18:05:19

this was on here ages ago at the same reduction. I am really not keen at all. Not worth 105 imo.

AlpinePony Wed 05-Oct-11 18:32:44

Does it flatter boobs? Or do they just disappear under 'drape'?

ujjayi Wed 05-Oct-11 18:37:04

Madammecholet - do you not find VPL an issue in such a dress? I have something similar from Anthropologie and unless I wear a thong (ouch and eeww) any other knickers show some type of line.

Agree thought that the dress could look a lot better if it had been styled correctly. The styling on the photo is shocking. VW rocks and her draping techniques are second to none. That photo does her genius no justice whatsoever.

Sleepwhenidie Wed 05-Oct-11 19:40:04

Is it me or is the styling on this site generally shocking? Over skinny models in odd poses not helping the clothes look good at all, bizarre....confused

wildfig Wed 05-Oct-11 19:54:06

I've got this in black and it's amazing on - much nicer than it looks on this model. I'm not sure if it'd be quite so flattering in a paler colour, though, but for half price...

madammecholet Wed 05-Oct-11 20:47:08

I wear a flexees onesie blush under mine so no lines of anything visible!

Ifancyashandy Wed 05-Oct-11 20:55:52

I have this dress (at that price too!). It is ALWAYS complimented and I love it. The draping is amazing and very flattering. I'm a tall (5'8) size 10-12 with DD bust and wear a seamless thong under it. But I wear thongs mostly anyway so no biggie for me.

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