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Brown boots

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MyChildDoesntNeedSleep Wed 05-Oct-11 15:26:10

I've wanted brown boots for ages, and came across these in a shop today for £80.

Can I have your opinions please, wise ladies?

Another question too...would I be stuck just wearing black clothes/coats with them (I mean it's quite a bright brown, I'm worried about them clashing with my outfits).


fedupofnamechanging Wed 05-Oct-11 15:56:38

I'm not keen tbh. I think I would prefer them if the front was smooth, rather than with the ripple effect or if the heel was less dainty.

I struggle with brown boots because I never know what to wear with them, apart from denim or black so will be watching this thread to see what people suggest too.

LadyClariceCannockMonty Wed 05-Oct-11 17:16:35

I'm not keen on the boots either, I'm afraid; don't like the ripple/ruched effect, and agree that a blockier heel would be nicer.

BUT as for the colour, I'd wear those with pretty much anything (except perhaps red/brown things as they might look as if I was trying to match and failing). I have brown boots and wear them with blue, pink, green ... I think brown is quite neutral, even a bright brown like that.

neuroticmumof3 Wed 05-Oct-11 19:15:46

I love brown boots, but not those I'm afraid. I think they go with a lot of colours so you'd get a lot of use out of the right pair.

cerealqueen Wed 05-Oct-11 20:29:36

I really like them and think they will go with loads of colours, be brave!

MyChildDoesntNeedSleep Wed 05-Oct-11 23:03:56

Thanks cereal... I was starting to doubt myself there!

The daintiness of the heel is one of the things I love most about it. I think they'd look great with leggings or tights and a skirt, teamed with a structured coat.

I like the ruching/ripple effect because it allows the toe to appear less rounded than it is, because much as I love them, I can't do pointy toes (ouch!).

Thanks for all the feedback, girls...very interesting. I think that's good advice about avoiding browns/reds.

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