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Which of these do you prefer?

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Millie1 Tue 04-Oct-11 11:07:20

I want a knitted dress/tunic to wear with leggings and boots. Ordered this from Boden and whilst it's lovely on, I think the length would be indecent with leggings - more of a wear with jeans top, I think. Quite like the look of this from Hush. Haven't bought from Hush before and have read mixed reviews re quality.

Any preferences ladies?

Fairyloo Tue 04-Oct-11 11:11:36

The hush one. Nothing worse then bulge of bum through leggings

Just been to asda an d got some gorgeous brown riding type boots and few wooly long dresses, bargain too

polyhymnia Tue 04-Oct-11 11:14:26

I have the Boden one and love it. But, for what it's worth, wouldn't wear with leggings rather than jeans, ie as a dress. I'm tall and large, but don't think I I would even if I were slender.

iWILLdothis Tue 04-Oct-11 11:32:28

Love the Hush one. Boden one definitely more of a jumper than a dress.

rubyrubyruby Tue 04-Oct-11 11:34:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Jessicaalbastwin Tue 04-Oct-11 11:46:05

Love the hush.

anon2011 Tue 04-Oct-11 11:49:43

Definately the Hush dress. Looks far more stylish.

saoirse86 Tue 04-Oct-11 12:18:03

The hush one!

Northumberlandlass Tue 04-Oct-11 12:29:35

Hush again here too....much classier smile

nancythursday Tue 04-Oct-11 12:33:22

The hush one. I do like the stripy jumper though.

Millie1 Tue 04-Oct-11 12:35:19

Thanks! Am going to order the Hush dress in navy. If I wear it with brown boots (probably dark brown but maybe tan if I can afford the new boots I'd like) what colour of leggings ought I to put with it - and should I wear same colour top under dress as leggings? I'm useless at putting things together! grin

Might still keep the Boden jumper - must try it with jeans!

MrsHollywood Tue 04-Oct-11 12:41:00

Sorry if this is a thread hijack, but just wondering whether people think the Hush dress would work with BFing? The buttons on the shoulder look like they might undo low enough for access - what do people think? I really like this dress and am desperately trying to find longer tunic/dress pieces I can BF easily with!!

Millie1 Tue 04-Oct-11 12:53:31

The buttons are only on one side so not sure but if you wore a Henley top underneath, could you lift the dress up and undo the buttons on the henley? Or they do a Henley style dress which might work better?

alwaysrunninginheels Tue 04-Oct-11 14:31:57

Defo the Hush one!!!! Why not go for thick tights...then you can afford to try more colours without breaking the bank! I am currently wearing brighter purple tights with a blue knitted dress and it gets loads of compliments as a look! I thought it would be too bright until i saw it in a shop window and thought what the hell........

Millie1 Tue 04-Oct-11 14:49:20

Tights are a great idea! Thanks.

gapants Tue 04-Oct-11 14:51:58

its sold out the hush one!

Millie1 Tue 04-Oct-11 15:34:55

Better not be!! It's on back order. I phoned them before lunch and the lady said they're due in at the end of October and the backorder list isn't sold out. Am going to place an order before the day is out.

neuroticmumof3 Tue 04-Oct-11 19:25:41

The hush one is fab.

Poodlehorse Tue 04-Oct-11 21:48:31

Hush one, i have been pondering it for myself, maybe i better get a shift on if it is on back order only.

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