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where is the best place to buy hold it all in pants type thingies?

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doesmybumlookbig Sun 02-Oct-11 14:16:20

You know the type that will help with giving you a flat tummy.

Also do you get your correct size or go up or down a size? I'm sure I've heard you should get a different size then you would normally buy but can't remember.

Failing that anyone know where i can get liposuction done cheaply and quickly wink

thestringcheeseincident Sun 02-Oct-11 14:25:54

Get Spanx, I used to buy the slightly cheaper alternative and be miserable in them. Spanx v comfy as they don't roll up or down.
John Lewis or Amazon I think.
Can't remember the size up or down thing. Sorry.

Rohey Tue 04-Oct-11 19:11:57

I would also try TKMaxx... they usually have something...

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