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Stripey dress the blonde girl was wearing in last night's x factor?

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FreakoidOrganisoid Sun 02-Oct-11 12:19:36

I want it! Any ideas?

VivaLeBeaver Sun 02-Oct-11 19:05:29

Here, I want it but I need a 16.


FreakoidOrganisoid Sun 02-Oct-11 20:37:33

Ooh thank you! Now to save up! (or ask for it for xmas)

MyChildDoesntNeedSleep Sun 02-Oct-11 20:52:14

Yeah, she looked good in it, didn't she?

Why does it only go up to size 14? confused

VivaLeBeaver Sun 02-Oct-11 20:59:54

Cos obviously if you're as obese as a size 16 then you're not allowed nice clothes and should be happy in tracksuits. Grrrrrrrr

yummybunny Mon 03-Oct-11 13:38:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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