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under eye cream for puffiness and dark circles and night creme?

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scootergal Sun 02-Oct-11 09:49:39

I know I need to sleep more and drink less coffee more water, but dd and ds currently are unsympathetic to my beauty sleep needs and lately the huge bags and dark circles under my eyes are really getting me down.
I suppose it s well time i started using a good moisturiser and night cream - have a pot of olay regenerist i m using at the moment but not hughely impressed after 3 weeks, when I m a little more flush I love L'occiataine Immortelle stuff but not sure it really does anything!
I need a recommendation for a good night cream and an amazing eye cream that will banish the puffiness. can anyone recomend a good one?
I ve combination to dry skin, I m early 30s tend to wear a little makeup everyday (tinted moisturiser mascara +/- blush and eye shadow depending on motivation and time! )
oohh and anyone know a good concealer ? i got a laura mercier one and it was horrible - waxy and heavy and sat nicely into the wrinkles and on top of my skin would NEVER recommend that to anyone! If anything it highlighted my under eye area, so disappointing. Anyone using that l'oreal roller ball one - was thinking of trying that one?
Thanks !

cedge Sun 02-Oct-11 11:15:18

Are the 'bags' under your eyes there permanently? If so then filler or injecting your own fat would be the only solution.

PetiteMum Sun 02-Oct-11 11:56:37

Go to a bobbi brown counter, and they will match you to a corrector and concealer. Bit pricey but worth it! Drink loads of water and also try This Works eye serum, have heard good things about it!

scootergal Mon 03-Oct-11 10:52:36

Don't knownif it s permanent - just a lot more conscious of it for the last month or so - hoping I could reverse some
Of it else I ll be wearing huge shades permanently wink
Doesn't help that I stood on the scales this weekend and up 7 lbs - Feeling tired saggy and pretty rotten ATM
Will try this works maybe.

scootergal Mon 03-Oct-11 10:52:51

Thanks for the replies

jellybeans Mon 03-Oct-11 11:14:52

Hi I have tried a few things for tired eyes and found the Aldi 'Lacura' eye caffeine roller is fantastic (garnier one did nothing) and it's cheap. Made mine so much better. I also use their creams (they come out top in many trials agaisnt leading brands). You could try cold tea bags too, it is soothing. Aldi also do concealer which is pretty good. Another family member of mine used the roler and is very impressed too. Worth a try maybe?

scootergal Tue 04-Oct-11 07:19:59

Thanks certainly worth a try was at book club last evening and got a few l". You look tired" comments.

shesparkles Tue 04-Oct-11 07:22:17

I'll second the recommendation for the Aldi eye roller-I work shifts and can have the most horrendously puffy eyes and it definitely makes a difference-feels fantastic going on too with the cold metal roller!

MrsBloomingTroll Tue 04-Oct-11 12:27:05

OP are you me?

I've heard good things about This Works, not tried it personally though.

If you are feeling flush, Guerlain Midnight Secret moisturiser is worth a try.

I posted on here for eye cream suggestions a few weeks back and am none the wiser really. Am currently dealing with a bit of eczema on my face, so once that's cleared up I'll try something new.

AbsDuWolef Tue 04-Oct-11 14:56:09

For the puffiness - put two teaspoons in the freezer. Take out, make sure they're not ridiculously cold, press under eyes. It seriously helps relieve the puffiness and refreshes them.

omydarlin Tue 04-Oct-11 20:58:03

ooh interested in the aldi stuff! I am currently using superdrug natural high, it comes in a slim tube and is nice and cooling and you can feel it tightening . It is making a visible difference to my dark circles too. Costs around four pounds with nice, organic ingredients. It's called eye brightening cream.

scootergal Wed 05-Oct-11 10:54:25

MrsBT - I m your cyber sister it would seem! grin Missed your OP. Have you tried any of the recommendations?
I m going to try this works.... Am off into town after work today to see if I can get my hands on it.

scootergal Wed 05-Oct-11 10:55:16

Just to add I got the aldi one and didn't notice a difference after 3 days should I wait or switch to this works quickly!

jellybeans Wed 05-Oct-11 12:26:08

With the Aldi one you have to use it alot at first. I went foundation free for a week and used it every couple of hours. I think it took about 2/4 days to first improve things by about 50%. I rolled it generously along the eye bag bit and all underneath the eyes and then ran my finger over it to make sure it went in. I did that a few times through the day and at night. It really improved things and now i just use mornign and night. I do use the aldi face creams and eye cream as well. I would use it alot more than you are doing and give it another week or so. I guess maybe it doesn't work for everyone though. Family member noticed a difference within first few days too.

whojimmyflip Wed 05-Oct-11 12:54:41

I think you have to treat these things separately. As you have identified tiredness is causing most of your under eye problems. That won't be forever. Going to bed before 10.30 does make an enormous difference ( easier said than done, I know).

For the puffiness sounds like the caffiene undereye roller thingies work for some. I would also second cooling things: tea bags, cooling serums etc. I cannot be very scientific about it but puffiness is water retention so again, it should be temporary and counteracted by drinking water, using things that cool and soothe.

As for night cream I do not think it is worth spending too much money, and I don't know how old you are but beware of using something overly rich on the eye area as it will just irritate.

I also think we want to be told the answer is in a jar that we can buy, but it isn't ( except perhaps the cheap ones from aldi, so you have nothing to lose!)

OK so next you need to think about covering the dark circles. I wonder if you were missold something at LM counter. The concealer you are talking about it not good for undereyes, because it does not blend ( it is good for spots) and is quite chalky. Because LM is expensive I would say you should go back and try and get your money back - LM is a quality brand and they do have much better creamy concealers ( not called secret concealer ) which will work better undereyes. Failing that Bobbi Brown do excellent under eye concealer - as mentioned above. You could always tell them on the LM counter that you had a reaction to it if you don't feel you were badly advised.

scootergal Sat 08-Oct-11 23:00:51

Thanks ever so much whojimmyflip. The LM where I live is a bit hit and miss ( only one in the city, I know one girl there is fab but there s one or two others not so good - I would really not recommend the one I bought at all it s so terrible and so disappointing and yes was flipin expensive - I was to be bridesmaid for my sisters wedding and wanted something for the wedding day - luckily she had a great makeup artist who did the job. I really love LM tinted foundation- it s so great, bit I would never recommend the concealer!
Am using the aldi one a bit and getting sleep and drinking more water less coffee so I think there s a slight improvement,
Have family portrait photo next week - eek!

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