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winter coat suggestions please??

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shelley72 Sun 02-Oct-11 08:51:31

Having got my practical waterproof coat sorted (merrell wakefield) I am now looking at winter coats. I didn?t buy new last year and all my previous coats are now too big. So am on the look out for a new one but its proving tricky, being rubbish at putting outfits together/not knowing what goes with what doesn?t help.

I am soon to be unemployed and as this could be the last coat I buy for a long time it needs to be in a style that doesn?t date easily. I am 5'7, size 10-12 but I am quite wide I think, I have big shoulders and hips but go in a bit at the middle. Have lost my boobs and bumsad. In terms of colours think I am a 'winter' - very dark hair/eyes, fair skin tans easily and tend to suit blacks, greys, reds, navy. I also have a budget, preferably under £200.

This is the kind of thing I like as I can tie the waist in but have no idea if it?s the kind of thing that would suit me or make it look like im wearing a dressing gown

grey hobbs one

hobbs outlet one

laura ashley one

Am not particularly fussed about designer brands, am more high street so im open to all suggestions. So any ideas? Am relying on you to sort me out! Of course other option would be to see if i can get existing coats taken in but no idea if this is possible?

gregssausageroll Sun 02-Oct-11 09:22:36

I like all 3!

tethersend Sun 02-Oct-11 10:47:30

I like those. I also like these:





Gertiegoolash Sun 02-Oct-11 12:18:27

I just bought this

shelley72 Sun 02-Oct-11 15:05:57

damn you tethers wink i have fallen in love with that first reiss coat in the sapphire. its gorgeous but out of my price range. im sure it is. although now i cant get my 'lucia' bag i was lusting after i could use that money towards it <ponders>.

think i am going to have to give up this S&B section when im out of work or my redundancy pay will last literally 2 weeks!

giveitago Sun 02-Oct-11 16:57:30

If you are going the belted I'd go for either the grey one to be safe or the laura ashley one (really beautiful and as you're tall it will look fab on you) - something about red coats I don't like.

tethersend Sun 02-Oct-11 18:10:20

The Reiss one is cheaper than the Hobbs one.

So, in a way, if you got the Reiss one, you'd actually be saving money. Sort of.

MatLeaveForever Sun 02-Oct-11 19:16:43

I have this one from Coast and it comes in navy, black and red too. And it's actually in your budget! The Reiss coats are fab though!

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