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Please help me find some flats and some boots!

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saoirse86 Sat 01-Oct-11 22:47:49

I'm fed up with wearing the same shoes all the time so I think it's time for some new ones. I'm a size 3 really but I have wide feet so I tend to wear a 4.

I'd like some ballerina type flats, preferably black but I don't mind really. I quite like a bit of detailing to make it look like I've mad an effort! I often struggle with flats being too narrow and hurting my little toe or just looking ugly. Budget is about £30.

At the moment I only have some suede boots which are super comfy and good for snow but are just boring, and I have some black over the knee boots. I was thinking of getting some riding boots. I quite like the look of the Clarks ones that have been linked to a lot, and I quite like these what do you think? They need to fit my not huge, but bigger than average calves, and be wide enough to not annoy me. Budget is about £50.

Please help me lovely ladies! grin

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