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What should I be wearing?

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Tiredprobably Sat 01-Oct-11 19:37:45

I'm 30 and have a six month old dd, I'm a stone heavier than I should be but at 5'11 it's not too awful although will lose it eventually. I'm probably a 16 ish at the moment and just have no clue what I should be wearing it's like I've lost any idea of what's nice and really don't know. I don't likeany of my clothes except a couple of jumper dresses and I have some lovely boots. I'm not really good at heels as I feel like I'm in drag other than that anything goes! Thanks!

jessicaalbastwin Sat 01-Oct-11 19:55:05

wow 5'11, I would love to be that height. How about some nice maxi dresses or even a mid length dress, leggings with mid lentgh dress, tunics and skinny jeans, camisoles and 3/4 trousers?
I am living in dresses and flip flops at the moment. I am not really a fashion queen so someone else might be able to advice you better.

Tiredprobably Sat 01-Oct-11 22:22:34

Thanks jessica, the height is good, I've learnt to embrace it! I quite like the leggings and jeans and dresses look maybe I should focus on that, floaty things tend to make me look big so maxis can be a bit overwhelming!

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