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same outfit as someone else at the party

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HippyHippopotamus Sat 01-Oct-11 18:36:39

how do you avoid the 'matching outfit' thing happening? i've just seen another recommendation for the verity dress and have got visions of people wearing it to a party and instantly realising that they're amongst MNers!

HotBurrito1 Sat 01-Oct-11 18:40:12

Buy vintage, you know it makes sense wink

sloggies Sat 01-Oct-11 18:40:12

You can't....hth grin

bran Sat 01-Oct-11 18:42:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HippyHippopotamus Sat 01-Oct-11 18:43:35

thanks Sloggies!

hotburito.. indeed!

its never happened to me, just wondered how many it had happened to and how they avoid it in the future!

HippyHippopotamus Sat 01-Oct-11 18:44:54

bran.. fantastic advice!

Deesus Sat 01-Oct-11 18:48:01

Depends who looks better in it to be fair. If it's you no problem....I would positively haunt the other person round the party striking fetching poses whilst pretending I hadn't noticed a thing.....if they look better then I would stalk them from a distance making cruel and disparaging remarks....wink

RockStockAndTwoOpenBottles Sat 01-Oct-11 18:50:13

Haha, it happened to me when I went for an interview about 20 years ago. Woman interviewing me (was 3rd and final one) wearing exactly the same dress. I think I mouthed 'oh fuck' or something similar as she approached, she then realised, we laughed our way through the interview and I got the job.

Still great friends now, she's godmother to DD2.

HazleNutt Sat 01-Oct-11 19:02:03

I would of course compliment them on their great taste and fashion sense. grin

HippyHippopotamus Sat 01-Oct-11 20:14:07

i'm loving all the coping strategies!

thestringcheeseincident Sat 01-Oct-11 20:22:13

I wore the same dress as someone to a wedding. I avoided her like the plague all night. It was a maternity dress and she looked much better in it them me as she was further along her pregnancy and had a lovely bump. I just looked dumpy. Sigh.

SenseofEntitlement Sat 01-Oct-11 20:22:28

I would actually acknowledge it straight on. Just go up and say something like "great minds think alike!" then there is no awkwardness.

tethersend Sat 01-Oct-11 20:24:28

yy, buy vintage.

Or Tesco.

HippyHippopotamus Sat 01-Oct-11 20:29:09

grin at Tesco!

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 02-Oct-11 10:02:43

I have never had it happen, I wear Karen Millen all the time, I never see anyone wear the same as me.

Maybe I just dont get out enough.

I can however, spot KM on other people a mile off. So can DH too which is worrying.

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