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hair dye and swollen lymph nodes

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javo Sat 01-Oct-11 12:34:12

can anyone reccommend a good dye for sensitive scalps?
I am almost 50 and pretty grey and had been dyeing it myself until 2 years ago when I started going to the salon as I wasn't making a very good job of it anymore - at first I stayed dark brown but for the past year have been more caramel with hints of blond.
No problems until the time before last when my head was really itchy when I got home - I thought it might have been some of the finishing products they used as they were Kerastase and not techni -art which had been used previiously. Anyway last time when I came home my head was itchy again but during the evening the glands on the back of my head behind my ears swelled up and were tender to pressure. I was fine the next day. The salon has not switched dye brands - it's also an expensive chain.

However, this really worried me - as on the internet many people have reported this and their dr's said it was the bodies response to the toxicity of the chemicals!! What with links to cancer from hair dye I was wondering if anyone knew of a good (non gingering) brand or if Aveda salons use less toxic dyes?? Would go grey if my hair was a lovely white shade but is a horrible salt and pepper - in photos taken last summer when I grew the dye out for a few months I looked like an 80 year old.

many thanks

Beauregard Sat 01-Oct-11 12:37:27

My mom has Lichen Planus on her scalp and the dermotologist recommends Castings Hair dye.

ggirl Sat 01-Oct-11 12:52:25

I can't believe you've just posted this!!
I am sitting here with beautifully dyed hair and am itching like mad.
Difference is I know I am allergic to dye but am vain enough to go ahead with the dye.
I have just googled it and read this
My lymph glands aren't swollen , have a runny nose but think it may just be start of a cold

I had my eyelashes permed and dyed in July , have dyed them at home before with no problems , had them done professionally once or twice before with no problems except the last but one time when I had a bit of itching. Well the last time was horrendous and there is no way I'll be doing that again!

I am same as you natural colour is very dark dull brown with scattering of grey..not attractive at all.

javo Sat 01-Oct-11 13:15:47

Thanks pelvicfloornomore will look at castings in Boots as may need to go back to dyeing myself. ggirl - I always felt relieved I was not allergic to the dyes in the past as I do get eczema from time to time. I am conflicted as I look so much better with the expensive salon colouring - and could put up with the itching as it only lasted till bedtime but this new development of swollen nodes means the reaction is getting worse and I worry about cancer etc. and if anything more drastic will befall my head and hair after the colouring. I seem to have a delayed reaction of a few hours after leaving the salon. I thought paler dyes were less toxic than the dark ones which I used to use with no problems.

Are salon dyes more toxic than permanent home kits? my stylist reckoned they were milder as they stay on for 45 minutes to take but home kits take much less time. My problem with home kits was usually that the colour did not match the box and they went ginger after a few washes even when using the ash tones. Also perhaps because I was so bad at applying home dyes the dye touched my scalp less.

ggirl Sat 01-Oct-11 13:45:36

I too have a somewhat delayed reaction.
It gradually gets worse then is fine a few days later...thank god.
And yes the darker ones are worse according to the article I linked to. I have had blonde and mid brown highlights done and had no reaction , I assumed because the dye wasn't in much direct contact with my scalp because of the foils.
You're getting me worried about the cancer risks of it though..what about henna?? although that's def ginger

sloggies Sat 01-Oct-11 16:07:13

Aveda are less toxic from what I have been told, and their shampoos are fab, if you didn't want to give up on salons just yet.

javo Mon 03-Oct-11 16:19:00

Thanks for the replies - have just cancelled my colour appointment for next week and am heading into town on thursday to look perhaps at castings in boots and may call in to salon and talk about a head of highlights instead and if that would work on the grey roots.

The lymph node sweeling isn't linked to cancer I don't think but it just freaked me out quite a bit

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