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Ugg boots inn the rain??

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Ilovebagsandbruuuce Fri 30-Sep-11 21:41:25

I LOVE these little beauties but they're a lot of money (well, for me anyway!).

Last year i bought Fly Mes and whilst nice, they got ruined in the rain as they ended up with tide marks and they smelt weird!! (not a feety kind of smell either!).

So, my question to you experienced Ugg wearers is this...are Uggs worth the money and whilst i know they are not waterproof, will they be ruined if i get caught in the rain doing school run etc?

Thank you!

glub Fri 30-Sep-11 21:48:53

spray them with protector spray it really helps. bit of rain hasn't hurt mine but i try not to wear them in the rain due to their light colour. more for the dirt splashes than just water. my other brand sheepskin boots in a dark colour have been just fine since spraying them. and for what it's worth i don't think uggs have any special edge

Ilovebagsandbruuuce Fri 30-Sep-11 22:10:02

thanks club, in my heart i know these (which i have ordered - should arrive tomorrow) would be far more sensible but i reeeeeeally like the Uggs. Hmm.

Ilovebagsandbruuuce Fri 30-Sep-11 22:11:11

aggggghh Glub! Sorry - am typing all one fingered as i have polish drying smile Nowt to do with a glass of wine

glub Fri 30-Sep-11 22:24:10

those are faux fur ilovebags... and no worries about the name smile you gotta have the sheep though it's so much better trust me. and those are expensive. you might as well get sheep for that much. i got my emu boots for £100 and they've been great. faux just doesn't keep your feet warm. i love that i can go a whole winter with warm feet while others wear two pairs of socks and grumble. if it's out of those two choices go with the uggs!

glub Fri 30-Sep-11 22:26:22

and if you're worried about the waterproof aspect. it only starts to soak through after a long long walk through slush in my experience but that's with emus not dared with the uggs

Ilovebagsandbruuuce Fri 30-Sep-11 22:27:03

am still going to need something waterproof though - it rains loads in Cornwall, usually guaranteed 8.50am and 3.15 pm Monday to Friday.

thenightsky Fri 30-Sep-11 22:29:33

spray them with convertible car hood sealant from Halfords. It worked on my trainers (and my car hood)

Ilovebagsandbruuuce Fri 30-Sep-11 22:43:07

really? won't it change the colour or anything?

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