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Breastfeeding Occasion Wear - Help!

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RachelMary Fri 30-Sep-11 15:12:49

I need suggestions for an outfit (ideally dress/skirt) that I can wear for my 4 m DS's baptism. I'm breastfeeding so need access but all the 'nursing style' clothes I have found on the internet are quite frumpy... everying I like will require me to strip inorder to feed him!! Is there a stylish happy medium? I'm a size 10/12. Thanks x

DontTellHimYourNamePike Fri 30-Sep-11 19:56:57

I bought a nursing dress on eBay, it was ok but a bit of a faff so think I'd probably just go for a wrap dress with scarf/wrap another time. Or a skirt and top that could be lifted up discreetly. Anything really nice specifically for nursing seems to cost a bomb!

DontTellHimYourNamePike Fri 30-Sep-11 19:57:51

Ps. There are threads which might have more ideas of you search

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