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Tethersend thank you

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HotBurrito1 Thu 29-Sep-11 23:31:11

I got that paisley ASOS dress you linked someone to and it's great. Best of all, the waist hits bang on my waist (for once- long torso!) so it's really flattering. Just need some boots now...

hats716 Thu 29-Sep-11 23:51:34

Could you share the link plz, im beginning to be a tethers fan too !

tethersend Thu 29-Sep-11 23:55:14

Oooh, glad you got it- This one? I got one too and love it smile

HotBurrito1 Fri 30-Sep-11 00:02:09

Yes that's it. Really chuffed with it.

tethersend Fri 30-Sep-11 00:06:02

Hooray! I too am long of body wink

hats716 Fri 30-Sep-11 00:27:15

Its gorgeous !
Dont think its for a 5'3 and a size 16 like me thoughsad
Enjoy you two smile))

SueNarmy Fri 30-Sep-11 06:30:14


tethersend Fri 30-Sep-11 08:45:39

Haha, NOBODY CARES SUE, get back to your miniskirts

noddyholder Fri 30-Sep-11 08:58:03

That's lovely sadly I am too busty for it. Would look great with plum thick tights and heeled loafers really nice.

SueNarmy Fri 30-Sep-11 18:13:35

arf arf

Pinkflipflop Fri 30-Sep-11 18:16:46

Can you tell me if the fabric is see through? Does it hang nicely?

Really love that dress - and I have just bought tan boots.

MrsCampbellBlack Fri 30-Sep-11 18:19:33

Oh that is so you tethers smile

HotBurrito1 Fri 30-Sep-11 18:44:38

Not see-through at all pinkflipflop, and hangs really nicely, kind of drapey. Doesn't exaggerate my generous hips.

noddyholder I like your thinking, plum could be a goer.

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