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shoes for wide feet? they used to be thin... :(

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connyrabbit Thu 29-Sep-11 16:31:30

but 2 babies, and pfft, feet turned into spades. Nothing fits, everything hurts, I've been wearing frumpy m&S footgloves all summer.

Now I've just come back from a weekend in Rome where I bought a pair, got to try a few on, and unbelievably all-were-comfortable!! That leather!!! It's as flexible and soft as a slice of ham!!! I should have bought more but I didn't have time...
So I am now contemplating the possibility of being a yummy mummy with elegant AND comfortable shoes.
But i don't know where to go apart from going back to Rome.
Are there websites? Shops in London??

Thanks all!

Chewbecca Thu 29-Sep-11 16:36:07

Have you tried Gabor shoes? I have fairly wide feet with a high instep and generally find them comfy. They normal have quite a mix of frumpy and vaguely stylish shoes in the range. I normally buy from john lewis. Evans do very wide fitting shoes but the quality is not great, lots of synthetic materials.

Parasaurolophus Thu 29-Sep-11 19:19:42

Duo is good and I just got a pair of fantastic "wide" heels from Clarks. I had to size down at clarks and they are wide enough.

(I import my running trainers from america as you can't seem to get women's wide trainers in this country)

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